One Family taking a year out to travel the world, take photos, write about it, give hints, tell you about their trials and tribulations and of course have fun!



We are the Ring family, Eric, Lisa, Axel and Elka from Dublin Ireland. We have left behind our families, friends, schools and what was left of our business to travel the globe for 1 year. It was a really big decision to make but one we had to do. Guided by the fact that our retail business would have needed an injection of more of our own money to survive the next year or so without any guarantees that it would come out the other end of the recession we chose an option that we felt was right for us and decided to leave it all behind . ER

Here we are the four of us heading off on one of lifes great adventures before Eric and myself are too old to enjoy a trip like this and before the kids start planning their own holidays with friends and don't want to know us anymore. At least at the end of this trip we will have experienced countries and cultures that would have taken us a decade of fortnightly holidays to experience and most importantly have some real quality time together which we have never really had due to running our own business . From boom to bust as the saying goes ........and roll on our year of fun !

We have created this blog to use as a diary of our trip for our family and friends . At the same time we hope that what we learn and experience may help or encourage you and other families to do the same . You may not want or be able to head off for a year but you may fancy a weekend in one of the cities we have visited or use some of the checklists we created to help organize this trip . Whatever way you use it , we hope you enjoy catching up with us . LF