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Aquaba 26/3/10

Aquaba 26/3/10

Posted on: 28/04/10

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Today is horrible . It’s really cold and torrential rain is hitting the ground hard . The sky is black and visabilty is nil . Between the manky sheets and the pouring rain , I am glad to get moving on . Kalid picks us up at 12.15 pm and we head off for Aquaba . The drive down the mountians is trecherous and we can only see about 5 meters max in front of us . I don’t know what is off to each side of the road as I cannot see and it’s probably just as well . Kalid took another driver with him for company and also so that he could rest every few kilometers . It’s hard on the eyes when you are driving with that lack in visibilty .


At about 3pm we arrive in Aquaba and it is incredible to think that the weather in the mountains could be so bad compared to the weather here .

The turquoise sea and sandy beaches greet us and after all of our travelling to date it was heaven to arrive and know that we were able to chill for a few days .

We settle into our hotel which is a family run place , newly built facing the Red Sea called Darna Guest House & Diving Center .

To have the sun on our skin feels great and immediatly I want to extend our three day stay to just laze on the beach and not go visiting anywhere ! There is a swimimg pool and a tented area with seating where you can just lounge about .

Elka makes a friend and is delighted to know that his name is Diego ........all  she wants is him to call her Dora . Anyone with young kids will know who Diego and Dora are .

All we are missing is the beer and vodka . We discover on arrival much to Erics horror that it is yet another dry hotel !!!One thing we are getting used to is that most of the smaller hotels / guest houses and resturaunts don’t serve alcohol . Even in the Toledo in Amman where they cater for tour groups there is no alcohol served. Eric is reluctantly getting used to having to buy his beer in a off licience and bringing it in brown paper bags to our room .  When he finds somewhere that serves food and a beer his mood perks up considerably !




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