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Camaguin Island 13/7/2010

Camaguin Island 13/7/2010

Posted on: 10/07/10

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We escaped from El Paso (Cagayan de Oro) on the morning ferry to Camaguin Island. The ferry that morning had been surrounded by a school of water urchins, kids in canoes of all ages, from babies in arms to 16 year olds mothers and brothers. All of them begging for any spare change that passengers might throw to them. If they missed a coin they would throw themselves overboard judging the change in the trajectory of the coin as it moved form the air into the water. I didn’t see them miss one. We sailed on a mirror of a sea, there wasn’t the slightest swell which was good for Lisa, she’s not the best of sailors. In the distance you could see these mountainous clouds, I could see she was hoping they weren’t on our course and they weren’t, thankfully.

To be honest we were knackered from our two weeks cheap skate tour of Japan and were looking forward to some R&R on a beautiful white sand beach. We didn’t find it here. We stayed in a place called the Bahay Bakasyunan, it was quite cool with really funky huts the water was crystal clear but the beach was stony, the nearest white sand a drive away and we would have had to pay into another resort for the day to use it . 

Thankfully there was a pool and a beautiful one at that . Axel met a lovely girl called Kim and they had great fun playing in the water . 

We did manage on our last night to find a really good restaurant where they farm their own fish which you can catch, by that I mean stick a net into the water and pull out a fish, pretty easy, heaven for Axel, to catch and have cooked his own fish, it is called Fishpen .

The island is pretty undeveloped which is nice and has a lot to offer. It has these crazy geographical formations called the chocolate hills, which are hills that look the color of, wait for it, chocolate! Tarsier monkeys, the smallest in the world, fit in your hand. A stunning sand bar called White Island, which appears daily in a different shape than the day before. A dive site called the sunken cemetery, which was actually pushed into the sea by volcanic activity in around 1800 and something.

I have to admit we didn’t do enough of our own research on the Philippines; we relied too heavily on the advice of randomers we met along the way. If I were to go back I wouldn’t do it the same way. Don’t listen to people you meet in Starbucks, better still don’t go to Starbucks.

One other note, the food in the Philippines sucks, they are crazy for wieners, I never saw so many different sorts of sausages, all shit.

Sorry Philippines, nothing personal, probably all our own fault we didn’t see your best side.





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