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Delhi Highlights – 4/4/2010

Delhi Highlights – 4/4/2010

Posted on: 04/04/10

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Rather than try to do the sites in Delhi ourselves we decided to go for the easy option and book an a/c bus tour of the sites there was one starting at 10am which would do a number of places finishing at 1pm after which we would catch the afternoon tour and have Delhi more or less covered in a day after which we could move on.


The following morning needless to say we slept in and didn’t wake up till 11.30, so we would do Delhi by half. This is probably not a bad thing as travelling with children as young as ours we have found out that one or two sights per day is definitely enough. So we picked up our tour bus near Connaught Square which is a building site at the moment, much like the rest of Delhi as they are tarting up the capital for the Commonwealth Games  in September.


The weather in India is unseasonably hot at the moment. Normal temperatures in the northern part of the country are around 32 to 35 degrees however this year they are 40 and above in April, even the Indian’s are finding it hot. 

 So we get aboard our bus for our tour of Delhi in the blistering heat, first stop is Delhi’s Red Fort, which is very Red and very big, followed by the Tomb of Hanuman, which is another of those buildings that the Taj is supposed to be modelled on. It is set in beautiful gardens with lots of lovely trees for shade. Last stop is Gandhi’s memorial which is set in another park. Elka dropped off for a sleep so Lisa stayed on the bus for this one as they had for the last, it was just too hot to look at anything, let alone walk around. Even Axel didn’t want to come and see Ghandi’s memorial so I dutifully set off.

 On the way in I saw my first snake charmer. I followed the tour party from a distance and saw them make a left turn onto a path that led up to hill with the memorial on the top. It looked fine from here so I hightailed it back to the snake charmer and paid him a few rupees to do his thing. I reeled off a few shots of him and headed back to the luxury of the air con bus. We were finished with Delhi.



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