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Little Puker

Little Puker

Posted on: 10/01/11

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Day five in Brazil , but day two in Florianopolis and it’s the first sunny day so far . Basically there has been torrential rain , floods and imposing black skies since we arrived . We are in a hospital again but this time with Elka . Yesterday, regardless of the weather the kids were in the pool with about 600 other kids all vying for a pee pee spot while having tons of fun. She must have drunk a lot of pee pee as not long after falling asleep she puked all over her end of the single bed she shares with Axel. Another hour later she puked again but this time on me as she, at this stage was in our bed . The rice and fish we had for dinner were coming out thick and oily and while she puked I was retching behind her

So now it is 3 am and we have to change all the bed linen, Eric is dragged out of his beer induced slumber to go down to reception and get new sheets. Fifteen minutes we are all back in bed with clean sheets and doze off. Next thing I here is her puking again. This went on all night and by 10am we were all lying in different positions, half on towels, across the end of the beds but nowhere far from the puke. By 11.00am Elka was showered, and back asleep. At 13.00 she was still dozing but by 14.00 she had a temperature and was sick again. Ok , so now I am thinking which of the fevers has she got , Dengue ? Malaria? ......... Please God not Yellow Fever.  Definitely not hanging around working myself and everyone else into a lather I ran down to the clinic a few doors down and asked them where was the closest pediatric unit.

Typical of the Brazilians we have met so far I was offered a lift to the hospital by a local guy who was passing the hospital on his way home from the clinic that I was in. He was about 22 and worked in the Sushi Bar beside our apartment so I accepted gladly . Back to the apartment to grab Elka and leave Eric the name of the hospital we were going to took about 5 minutes. Ten minutes later we entered the public hospital which is the only A&E on the Island.  We had to take a ticket and wait about 7 minutes to book into admissions. As soon as they had our details we were sent upstairs and within another 5 minutes of being there a lovely ex naval doctor called us who like any other doctors we have needed to call upon spoke good English. He checked her over, put my mind at rest and gave her a shot to stop the vomiting . All within 30 minutes of entering the system we were seen and treated . I asked how much I owed and a smile appeared on his face .”This is free for everyone “ he said . I smiled back with thanks and wondered , how can a huge country like Brazil with in excess of 190 miliion people  have such an efficient public health system when our home country of only 4 million fails in comparison . 



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