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Singapore hair salon .

Singapore hair salon .

Posted on: 04/09/10

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Well as you can imagine a place like Singapore is a shoppers paradise and therefor somewhere to get your hair done. I have had a lot of bad luck with the gruig on my travels. I started off on our journey by dyeing my hair brown so as not to draw attention to myself in the middle east and thought it would be easier to keep on the trip . Didn’t want anyone thinking we were yanks while in Syria or Jordan . After a few months of brown , Eric looking at me funny and having to deal with the colour fading and grey hairs showing up I decided enough was enough and to return to my “blond roots “ . In Jordan I went to a salon called Gold and Ash in Amman who did a good job on the day but I came out a middle eastern blond which is a bit of a mix between brassy highlights and a warm brown . After a few weeks in the sun this went red and tangoish .....not the nicest .

In India I researched all the expat chat rooms for salons in Bangalore and decided that a place called Jean Claude Biguine was the place to go blonder , french run and as per the receptionist “plenty of experience with western hair mam “ . It was a bloody nightmare , the french manager got one of his “expierenced“ lackies to do the job .....I should have walked out when I saw the colour of the managers “ yellow bleach “ crop  but didn’t . The highlights were put in but it took the guy 3 ½  hours just to finish the packs . By the time he finished the last few packs on the top of my head the back was burnt . After repeatidly asking him if he knew what he was doing and him consistantly saying yes “ mam “ I have done lots of western hair I summond the manager over who checked the back and immediatly rallied two staff to rinse the back but keep the top as the top was not cooked yet . 5 hours later I was sitting there getting a blow dry all I could see were patches of yellow colour on the top which had not taken properly and white friz on the under sections on the back ....lovely , just what I wanted .

At this stage I just wanted to get out and believe my revenge for a shitty service and inability to correct the burnt hair will be an honest blog about the salon and a letter to L’Oreal who should not be putting their products into the hands of inexperienced stylists . The manager was hopless and instead of tut tutting at the state of the job his guy did he should have taken over hours earlier , bloody french I could have belted him .

By the time I needed the roots done again we were hitting Bangkok , lots of westerners living here aren’t there ? Again I researched the expat chat rooms  and read all sorts of negitive comments about leading salons etc . After my last disasterious dealings with a large salon I decided to go with Johnny , a scotsman with a small salon and great reviews .

Nice guy , one on one appointment , good blunt cut .....Vidal Sassoon trained his site said but they bloody colour ....I think he had only one shade of blond after telling me he had all the leading brands . The one tube of blond was definatly out of date and I walked out with a few brassy highlights that barely took . Ok so he didn’t burn the head off me but he didn’t do what he said he would do and Eric just laughted this time when he saw me . Four days later and the few brassy blond highlights he put in were now fading into oblivion and my pockets were lighter with nothing to show .

So why am I writing about these experiences now , well when I saw Dees hair in Singapore I though at least now I have a chance . Her hair looks great and her friend we met who was blond had great hair too . The salon is called Sabun Cabane and the onlne expat chat rooms in Singapore could only praise this place . Praying that if I just dropped in to her colourist sans appointment on the Monday morning I would be fitted in and thank god I was . Delos , a cool Singaporean stylist moved with speed and grace and new exactly what to do . I am nearly back to the blond I once was and I swear I will never go brown again .

Sabun Cabane

Tanglin Mall

Unit 22 Level 3

Tanglin Road

Pn – 62352910

Daily 10.00am to 7.00 pm






















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