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Arabian Nights 25/2/10

Arabian Nights 25/2/10

Posted on: 25/02/10

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It's about midnight and I am the only one up . Eric is snoring beside me here but apart from that it is the quietest part of the day.


We arrived into Aleppo , Syria at about 3 o'clock this am so we are all a bit tired and cranky. I had this romantic notion that I would arrive to a warm , busy , dusty city that smelled of dates but that is the complete opposite of what we did arrive into . Its quite cold here and today being a Friday which is the Muslim day of rest the place was really quite and all shut up . We took it easy and went for a walk after breakfast which took us into the narrow streets of the souq . There was an eerie silence which was kind of nice as we were told that the souq is so busy every other day that it's hard to get through it at the best of times. I don't know what the food in general will be like but we ordered pizza today for the kids and it had a different taste to what they normally would eat so myself and Eric ate it and it was lovely. The cheese used tasted stronger than mozarella and that was enough for the kids not to eat it. 

At this stage in the trip I am really looking forward to getting to Damascus to the apartment we have been so kindly lent from Ann & Yassin so that we can go food shopping and make the kids some healthy comfort food . My first impressions of the Syrian people is that they are so , so nice and very friendly . They are gentle and smile easily and love the kids . Elka must have had her photo taken about 10 times in the space of an hour today . They would'nt see that many young blue eyed , blond haired visitors here and when they do they stop to have a good look .

Our room in the Coral Julia Dumna in Aleppo is a great size . It has an American king sized bed and plenty of room for the extra single for Axel and the travel cot we brought for Elka . Funny though when I was looking to book the room I called the hotel direct and they quoted €140.00 per night which it definitely is not worth so I went back online to hotels.com . The English site quoted €85.00 per room and the Turkish site which we had originally been directed to as we were in Istanbul quoted only €70.00 per room per night. It is perfect for us for 3 days and very comfortable.  


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