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Arriving in Japan 02/07/2010

Arriving in Japan 02/07/2010

Posted on: 02/07/10

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Those of you that know me also know that I am seldom stuck for words, but landing in Tokyo the night before last left me compleatly speechless . On arrival we went straight to the info desk to find out the where to get a taxi from and the approx cost into Tokyo and the typically polite japanese girl told me it would be be very , very expensive and to take the train . When I nodded to all of our luggage and told her that it was impossible and that we would definatly need a taxi she told me it would be between 250, 000 and 300 ,000 Yen . Having only just arrived I thought I miscalculated in my head the amount but no the $250 to $300 dollar price for the 57.3 kilometer journey was correct .

That was only the begining of my shock and awe . The train station was easily located and with the knowledge that we were saving 250 to 300 I was quite happy to get the train even if it ment that we had to hump 103 kilos of luggage between myself and Eric leaving Axel to push Elka in the buggy .

Up at the counter of the ticket desk I pointed to the hubby and 2 kids and all the bags and asked for tickets into Tokyo center ........the bloody tickets were €88.00 in total ..... I stood there for a moment with my hand out thinking I was going to get some more change then the measly €12.00 that was handed back to me but no thats all I got .

10 minutes later we were on the train . It was spotless like the station and not a finger print or greasy mark could be seen . Axel and Elka were at this stage hungry and all I had was dry cherios and choco pops . After 2 minutes of us been on the train it started to look more like the dart , dirty finger prints , names handwritten with spit on the window and of course cherrios and coco pops all over the floor .  For €88.00 I wasn’t going to worry about it !





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