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Beaver Fever 24/11/2010

Beaver Fever  24/11/2010

Posted on: 25/11/10

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Axel has Beaver Fever. Whoaa there! now hang on a minute before you start jumping to conclusions, he has picked up a parasite somewhere along our travels in Asia called Guardia Lamblia. This little fellow parks himself in your small intestine and infection can occur after drinking contaminated water or food. Apparently it resists most normal treatment of water supplies and is a concern for people camping in the wilderness or swimming in contaminated streams or lakes especially the artificial lakes formed by beaver dams (hence the popular name for giardiasis, "Beaver Fever"). He was off his food and had diarrhea and was losing weight so we brought him in to the hospital in Santiago.


I hate to say this but every hospital we have been to in any country we have needed medical assistance in, be it 1st or 3rd world put the sad pathetic shambles that is the Irish hospital system to shame. I know there are too many layers of management but it can’t just be that, the staff have to bear some of the responsibility for the poor hygiene standards and crappy service on offer there. I can only describe the way we were treated in the hospital in Chile as nothing short of amazing. At no point were, we as parents or Axel as patient left out of the information loop, we were seen really promptly by sympathetic and friendly doctors and nurses and helped around the hospital by anyone with a smattering of English. Really good coffee too.
We have been in Santiago two days, two of which we have spent the greater part of in hospital. 



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