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Beijing Party 27/6/2010

Beijing Party 27/6/2010

Posted on: 27/06/10

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This is short but I want Axel to look back on this when he is older and remember the fun he had . Eric had left to return to Dublin for his meetings and that left myself and the two kids to fend for ourselves for a few days.Him not being here felt so weird as we have been with each other for 24/7 since the 14th feb and I really felt half of me was missing . The kids and myself spent the day with our agent and friend Xu who hails from this city. Her daughter was 12 and we were invited to her birthday party which was great fun . Axel had the usual ton of questions when I told him we were going to a party such as who's party , where is it , what food will be there , is it girls and boys ? All of these rattled off his tongue in two nanoseconds . Well , when I told him that it was a girls party and that I had no idea if any boys would be there or what the food would be like he folded his arms and put out the lip and basically refused to go . Of course after some tears from him and threats from me he begrudgingly got into Xu's car and set off for the 25 minute drive to her weekend apartment .

On arrival we were greated by a cackle of 12 year olds and thankfully there were about 5 boys there . Elka immediatly found the outgrown Barbies which I think is the last thing any young 12 year old girl puts away and Axel was hauled into the sitting room to play football with a soft ball . He was grinning like a cheshire cat and all I could do was laugh . The kids played , fooled around and after a great feast of chicken , pork and beef with rice we all went out to the park . Axel spent the afternoon fishing in the lake and was very much one of the lads by 9pm when we had to head back to our hotel . Thanks Xu for inviting us over , it was one of our more memorable days and the kids still talk about the party !


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