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‘Crikey’, it’s a halting site! 8/11/2010

‘Crikey’, it’s a halting site! 8/11/2010

Posted on: 08/11/10

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We arrived into the Glasshouse Mountains Holiday Village late in the evening on our way to Australia Zoo. I met Bill at the gate and asked for a powered site for the night. He said no problem mate, just fix me up in the morning and then showed me a site. It was late and I couldn’t make out much of the park in the dark. We should have suspected something when our nearest neighbour shouted in to our motor home in a loud course accent, ‘hey could you keep it down in there, there’s people trying to sleep here’. Lisa had been skyping her mom and fair enough was quite loud. We quickly apologised and closed the door and kept quiet for the rest of the night. Neighbours , everybody needs good neighbours !

The holiday park was situated at the foot of the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland and is a very picturesque area, near to Australia Zoo. When we woke up in the morning we were in for a bit of a shock. We had over nighted in a seriously hillbilly, white thrash trailer park. The place was full of, I don’t know, some of them were caravans with extensions, others were trucks with huts built on the back. The place was littered with wrecked cars, some of the accomodation had garden gnomes in their front ‘gardens’, others had skulls hanging off their balconys. I think I found the home of the serial killer from Wes Cravens Scream movie, at least I think it was his mask that was hanging out to dry. These people were on a permanent vacation.

I took some photographs that morning and got a few curious looks and a few more direct approaches from a couple of residents,‘what are you up to’, ‘hey you what d’ya think your doing here’. I had to explain nicely that I was just taking some shots of their lovely bric’a’brac’. I hurried on.

We got some cooking gas from the guy who runs the park. He asked me which way I was going and gave me a business card for another park he runs up the coast. It’ll make good roach paper for someone.

Reversing out of our bay Lisa spotted a couple who looked like extras for ‘Natural Born Killers’ and said they would make a great photograph, I took one look and kept on going.

We got out of there like a wombat out of hell and headed up the ‘Steve Irwin Highway ‘.



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