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Educating Axel 12/7/2010

Educating Axel 12/7/2010

Posted on: 12/07/10

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I don’t know who it’s harder on, him or me. This has to be the most difficult thing about traveling the world, trying to keep his schooling up to a level that he can hopefully get back into the same class that he left. The really difficult part so far has been trying to establish a routine while we are traveling. We have done a serious amount of moving around. Every few day’s we are on our way to a new destination. Traveling by train, bus, plane, boat, tuc-tuc, you name it we have covered a lot of ground.

On the days when you are traveling we are lucky to get a small amount of reading and math done. Believe you me it is hard to get a 7 year old to concentrate when he could be looking out the window of a plane or bus at a new part of the world flying by. We then arrive at a destination and after a day or night on the move both of us are normally not in the mood for the educational duel that this has become. So I guess we are working on an average of every two

days. Even then he still thinks he’s been hard done by. I have tried to explain to him that his classmates are doing 6 hours a day, 5 days a week to no avail. I am still an evil taskmaster, bully and negligent parent for putting him through 2 hours 3 times a week.

What makes it all the more onerous is having to do this with Wavygravy (Elka) in the background either trying to get involved or crying upon being excluded. The slightest distraction has him jumping up off his seat, ‘that’s my video, she’s wrecking my star wars figures, what’s she doing’. ‘Will you PLEASE SIT DOWN AND CONCENTRATE’.

Axel knows me very well at this stage and boy does he know which buttons to push. And push them he does with a relish and an incisiveness that I can’t remember having with my old man.  And he know he’ll get into trouble, but this will be one more distraction that will take him away from the books for a few more moments. And then the tears, the tears… I was going to say you would think he was being tortured but he sort of is in his mind, I am too. Oh god!

I have to admit to not being a very good teacher, patience not being one of my strong points. I find the repetitive nature of trying to put information into his head excruciating and nerve shredding. One thing the experience has taught me is that I now have great admiration for his teachers who I always thought were very nice amiable people. This can’t be true; they must be hard as nails, tough as old leather and they do it every day with upwards of 30 of the little brats. I now know that educating children is most definitely a vocation, you couldn’t do, you wouldn’t do it otherwise.






1 matthew caird commented on 31/08/10

Hi Axel, remember me Matthew Caird?? I’m going back to St Andrews school tomorrow…we’ll miss you!!! I never knew I had to do 6 hours 5 days a week and then HOMEWORK!!!!!! did u see pandas when you were in China? That’s all for now, have a great time, from Matthew and all the Cairds in Seamount Road.


2 Trisha Pleass commented on 19/08/10

Rather you than me!!  Our battle starts at about 3 every afternoon and could go on for an hour or two depending on the humour of the lads and that is only homework!!  I couldn’t do it - one of the three of us would not survive it and I suspect that would be me!  Keep up the good work and love to all the family.  Enjoying the blog. 
Much love,


3 Olga Hoffman commented on 07/08/10

Praise for the teachers! That’s what we like to hear! Looks like you’re having a ball! Best Wishes to you all!


4 p diddy commented on 07/08/10

Try bribery Eric, sweets or money, its the only way to go grin


5 Gillian commented on 03/08/10

Eric he sounds like a chip off the old block ! Seriously though, fair play to you, it can’t be easy for him or for you, did you get a syllabus to follow or something, I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin, I take my hat off to you all

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