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Gili Islands 23/9/2010

Gili Islands 23/9/2010

Posted on: 23/09/10

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I breathed a sigh of relief as we left Bangsal in the distance and headed out towards Gili Trawangan and away from Lombok. It was another beautiful sunny hot day when we arrived an hour later on the island. We headed up the beach and into a restaurant, had lunch and decided on our next move. The people were already friendlier and more relaxed then Lombok and so were we. It is a small flat island and there were lots of people cycling around so I suggested to Lisa that it would be easier if she hire a bike to go off in search of somewhere to stay, while I looked after the kids and a couple of beer’s. Off she went, bit wobbly to start with but safe in the knowledge that there were no motorized vehicles on the island and only the odd horse and cart to avoid. She arrived back a sweaty mess about an hour later.

. The accommodation on the island was quite full and expensive but she had found a little place a couple of hundred meters off the beach where they would give us two little 2 bed huts for half what the ones on the beach were looking for. We said we would give it a go. It turned out to be a little paradise of its own. The two huts were small but perfect, the gardens were beautiful and lush with all sorts of trees and plants and the staff were brilliant. Sam and his three companions all came from the same village in Lombok as the owner, who’s wife was from the UK. They were very easy going, maybe that was because the boss was away but it didn’t matter. They were great with the children, helping Axel tie his hooks to his lines for his fishing expeditions, making beautiful breakfasts and good coffee. Even Elka warmed to them. The gardener was a genius with plants and with his hands, he carved two tiny dolphins out of wood and gave one each to Axel and Elka.

Axel had a great time here, more fishing, more local friends on the beach. I think he was born for the beach life, anything to do with water, swimming, fish, fishing, boats, he can’t get enough of it. Elka continues to bury her toys on the beaches, we lost mermaid, very sad.

We ran into a couple from Sweden we had met a few days before in Ubud in Bali, Michael and Barbara and had a couple of nights out with them. They were down here without there two, twenty something children and were very patient with ours, bless them. We had a good laugh and enjoyed their company a lot . Barbara was trying but failing to find the perfect Bali paradise. Lisa and Barbara got on very well, they had lots in common. They both like the mystical side of life, healers and Reiki and aura’s, and such like, Michael, like me was of the more skeptical persuasion. I think Barbara was missing home and her children and couldn’t wait to get home.

To be honest we had come to the conclusion that we had done enough of the beach thing ourselves. One is much like the other and we wanted to be on the move again. We decided to return to Bali (the long way) and catch a flight to Java.

So the next morning we ordered our pony and trap to get us to the beach and the taxis to Bangsal.

When we arrived in Bangsal I ran into my old friend (Al Queda). He asked me did I remember him, I said I sure did. He said ‘you told me to fuck off’, I said I sure did and got out of there quick.

So we arranged another pony and trap to get us out of the port and to the taxis where we picked one up and got him to bring us to the ferry.

Aboard the ferry we made the usual friends and had the Captain with us for most of the journey. Elka liked him in his uniform and didn’t like him when he changed out of it, that’s a worry, men in uniform, hmmmm!

We picked up a transfer in Padangbai and arrived in to our hotel Taman Ayu in Seminyak very late. We carried the kids into their beds after a long, long day.




1 Kelly Forde commented on 06/10/10

Still turning green with envy, Conor and I met on this island many years ago in the post office on Xmas day. I love the story, he always shrinks when I mention it….
But it is a beautiful place and I remember it so fondly as to where I met my true love.
We follow your blog and live vicariously thru your travels.
Hope that we have a chance to meet you one day.


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