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Hong Kong Birthday 3/6/1965

Hong Kong Birthday 3/6/1965

Posted on: 03/06/10

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It was my birthday yesterday and what a great birthday it was. I got tons of best wishes on my facebook page and thought how nice of everyone to remember only to be told by Lisa that facebook does the remembering, whatever, it was still very nice, thanks everyone. We started the day off late as usual, the late Mr. and Mrs. Ring and children are always late, sometimes very. It didn’t matter yesterday as like everyday since we left on our world odyssey we do things at our own pace and that has never included early mornings. We move to the beat of our own drum, nice and easy. Anyway we started the day with a mid afternoon visit to the ‘Flying Pan’, a few streets down from our Wan Chai Hotel and a good few floors up. This is a 24hr breakfast restaurant with the most amazing menu, (I had to steal one), you can get any combination of breakfast from around the world here, bar those wimpy continental ones. My day started with eggs benedict, heart attack heavy and oh so good.

After we decided to do something, which in a city is unusual for us, we normally just hang around soaking up the atmosphere, anyway we decided on a day trip to the island of Cheung Chau, a short ferry ride away. Cheung Chau is a world away from the Hong Kong of the guide books, about an hour away, this small island is home to a fleet of fishing boats and the waterfront is full of restaurants specializing in, yes you said it, fish. Fish and shellfish of all sorts, all alive waiting to be picked, or picked on as in Axel’s case and served up in a huge variety of dishes.

We strolled around the island and were struck by how different this place was to Kowloon or Hong Kong Island. There were very few westerners about, just Chinese families out enjoying themselves. After a couple of hours we were getting nagged by Axel, he needed to eat. So we headed back to a restaurant we had spotted earlier. It had to be one with the fish tanks out front. Axel likes his seafood fresh. Lisa and myself ordered Shrimp, broccoli in garlic, whole fish, grouper I think and fried rice. Axel as usual demanded to order his own. We relented this once as it was my birthday so off he went with the waitress. I hope to god he is a success in whatever he chooses to do in life, he has developed very expensive tastes. A large plate of clams followed by an even larger plate of rock lobster. I can only imagine when he’s older, fine wines, fine food and probably very fine women. I hope he gets the job.

After our birthday feast we walk back down the seafront to the pier to get the ferry back to Hong Kong Island. The ferry back is the fast ferry, about half the time it took to get there.

Thanks Lisa, Axel and Elka. I love you all more than you will ever know.




1 Linda commented on 24/06/10

Hi Eric, big belated XX for your Birthday. Glad you had such a lovely day.  Lovely to see you and talk to you the other day Lisa even if it was only for a moment. Dying to see Axel and Elka on Skype, just let me know when!  Great keeping track of you all. Eric I think you could make this into a best seller, you’re really great at the writing. Love and kisses and hugs to you all. xx Linda


2 mary barry commented on 16/06/10

Hey Eric .. belated happy birthday ..
At least your mid life crisis is including the whole family on this adventure grin
Great to chat to Lisa yesterday ..
Sounds like you’re having a great time ..
Keep in touch


3 Una Williams commented on 14/06/10

Happy belated Birthday Eric,my server was down yesterday only backon line now,grrrrr….will catch up tomorrow lovin the photees,hugs everyone xxx


4 Paul Butterly commented on 14/06/10

Hi Eric,
I have been trying to contact you and have sent emails to your address . do you have another address ? or contact number ? tks, Paul Butts


5 johnandjuliecairdmalahide commented on 13/06/10

hi rings. enjoying your blog. amazing trip youre taking. matthew says hello to axel. wet and windy june here in dublin. keep in touch


6 ciaran commented on 12/06/10

The kid has the right idea, and he has daddy paying for it I like his stlye.
happy birthday by the way


7 mahmoud chaal commented on 12/06/10

hi erice,lisa,axel and elka
and A special hi for my Princess tuna elka
first happy birthday for eric
and i hope every boday is ok
really i was in china last wensday it is so nice
i hope all of you will like china
and the pepole there very nice
enjoy all of you ?
with best regards
mahmoud chaal

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