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Indiana Jones territory 24/3/2010

Posted on: 24/03/10

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The last few days have been all go starting with Petra . We arrived in Petra this evening and checked in to a really grotty hotel called Shara Mountains in Wadi Musa just up the road from the entrance . I had justified the budget hotel at €30.00 per night for the room thinking we would be out all day at the site and only putting our heads down . The hotel was advertised as newly built so I presumed the fittings were new , photo of the room looked ok on the site but in reality I was wrong .


The second hand furniture and cast offs from some other hotel ( and I don’t mean the shabby chic cast offs ) they had used looked ancient and as old as the site we were going to visit . The prices in Petra are high for accomodation and the next jump up was about €80.00 per night which was out of budget .We had just stayed in the Salome hotel in Madaba for about €35.00 per night and it was simple but comfortable , modern and spotless SO i was expecting something similar for the price . Don’t get me wrong the Shara Mountains in Petra had really clean sheets and a very , very basic bathroom which was spotless but the manky carpet and grubby bed spreads told many stories that I did not want to know about . Have you have ever slept somewhere where you wake up in the middle of the night and the manky blanket is touching your skin ? It is such a freaky experience ....you know that the blanket has not been cleaned as much as the sheets and god knows who was in it last ! Last time I stayed in a place like this I was about 14 and at a hostel ....fun at the time but not something I was running back to do again .

The hotel itself was directly across the road from a Mosque so when the muzzines called for prayer at 5am that was it, I woke with the blanket touching my skin and the cold mountain air coming through the windows . I never got back to sleep after that and swore to myself that it was the first and last  time we would stay in a hotel like this .

Petra was fantastic , after a basic breakfast we dropped the buggy into the visitors center and booked a horse and carriage to take us the 1k to see the Treasury . We would have walked only that everyone told us that the buggy would be useless on the stony walk through the siq and there was no way either myself or Eric would have been able or even wanted to carry Elka the distance . She is a good 17 kilos and with back pacs as well it would have been too uncomfortable .

We had such a laugh , the ride was really bumpy and the kids loved it . There we were clattering down the narrow canyons at a good pace and immediatly felt like we were in Raiders of the Lost Arc which was filmed here .

On arrival at the treasury we just stood in awe at the magnificant sight in front of us . It’s a must see and no photo does it justice compared to seeing it in the flesh so to speak .

After the Treasury we decided to go on further into the old city of Petra and negociated a price for the use of a mule from Sami who is a local Bedouin . Axel hopped up but Elka refused to so we walked along  for a bit hoping that she would change her mind . Eventually I had to get on the mule with Elka and after a few miniuts of her bucking on the sadle she eventully settled and started to enjoy the experience . There was a steady caravan of camels carrying other tourists up and down the valley and if Elka had been a little more willing  to go on one I would have prefered to travel this way . When you are passing someone who is high up on these elegant creatures and your on this skutty little mule you do feel like a bit of a sad case. But when you see the big oversized tourists we saw coming along on the even smaller donkeys with legs straight out nearly touching the ground and all bits jiggling you really do have to laugh !





1 darrell commented on 13/04/10

Yeah, that would be great. Have a look out for a whip too! India might throw that up for you. Take care


2 parade commented on 13/04/10

Hi Darrell ,
Yes it is really carved out of stone and the place is really amazing . Apart from the sheets it was perfect . Axels hat is about 3 times too big but the only hat size on offer in the Indiana Jones style that he fell in love with ! You can borrow it when you decide to go there .....I ‘ll keep it safe !


3 Darrell commented on 12/04/10

Hi Guys. I have always dreamed of going to Petra, they say its remote, mystical but families can get there! After reading your email I can see what they mean. That story about the hotel and the blankets…man I have been there.

Regarding the Treasury, is the stone really carved out of walls, I can never tell from the photos?

Whats the story with Axel’s hat? Suits him. Kinda of a young Irish Indiana Jones!

Keep it up guys.

love d&b&bu;í

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