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Jungle Dance 22/8/2010

Jungle Dance 22/8/2010

Posted on: 22/08/10

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Perched high in the jungle above the beach on a terrace of wooden bungalows I sit and listen to the sounds of the beach party below . I would give anything , well almost anything to have a babysitter right now so that I could go down and dance , and I mean dance all night . This is the first time in a long time that we have heard music like this . The mix is incredible and a heady mix of Malay , Chinese , Italian , Spanish , American , Chilean , English and off course the few token Paddies are down there dancing like there is no tomorrow. Rudimentary tables with candles protected by discarded water bottles converted into wind lanterns give a diffused glow and woven bamboo floor mats to sit on are all that makes the ambience.


The only light and sound on long beach is coming from the Black Tip bar which makes it exclusive enough to know that commercial tourism has not yet arrived . It’s like a club night for the beautiful people but without the tackiness that normally finds itself on other islands . During the day this beach is dotted with sun worshipers and small boats taxi people around from cove to cove . Accommodation is very basic and expensive for what it offers but there is something nice about this Island and compared to Thailand this place has more of a less discovered feel about the place and the locals, well the locals still have the time to smile.




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