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Koh Lipee 19/8/2010

Koh Lipee 19/8/2010

Posted on: 19/08/10

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We decided that so far all the Thai places we had been to before were now shit and wanted to go someplace new and less developed and quieter so we headed on a marathon trip to Koh Lipee which took no less then 18 hours to get to during low season and involved a long tail , a ferry , a van , an overnight hotel , a taxi , and finally another speedboat .

We had heard so much about this place and about how beautiful it was that we had to get there and did, unfortunately it is turning into a dump like the rest of them. We got out of the speedboat with our traveling circus luggage in the rain and walked up the rubbish strewn beach hoping that this was the commercial area of the island and maybe it didn’t get as much attention as the rest of the island, no such luck. The island was covered in rubbish. The place we stayed was the Mountain Lodge Resort and is probably the best out of the lot and yes the views were stunning. Not as much crap washed up on this side , but we still had to make sure the kids wore flip flops in the sand . I walked a few of the beaches and found nothing but broken bottles, plastic bottles, medical waste, and god knows what else washed up in tide lines on the shore, ugly. I was told that this was because it was low season and that 500 people come out at the start of high season to clean the beach , but people still come here in low season, so what the fuck was that supposed to mean.




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