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Lunch with Dee 3/9/2010

Lunch with  Dee 3/9/2010

Posted on: 03/09/10

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Sunday the provebial day of rest was a great day . We arranged to catch up with friends from Dublin Dee McGoldrick , Kieran and kids down by the quays in a hoping place called Boomerangs . The place was alive with brunchers and their kids so a late breakfast with beer was on the cards . Last time I saw Dee she was a brunette and low and behold she has gone blond and looking great for it.

We had a great boozy lunch with them and their kids Luka and Jacob ......they got on like a house on fire with Axel and Elka. They very kindly invited Axel to a sleepover which he pounced on, probably thinking the break from us would do him good, I think it did us all good but it was very quite without him . Elka cried that night as she missed him so much . At about 9 pm we got a text from Dee to say that Axels tooth had fallen out . This was the lose tooth that he had been waggling all day . He was very lucky as the tooth fairy found his tooth and left a rather large sum under his pillow in Dee’s house .

When we got him back the next day we asked did he miss us as much as we missed him , his answer ............ ‘no’, at least he’s honest.

He had such a good time that he burned the ears of us all day asking when could he go back to see his friend . We may see them in Australia as they are taking a holiday there before they start their new life in Boston .We will be in oz at the same time, so hopefully a couple of re-runs of our Singapore lunch are in the offing.


Thanks guys and good luck with the move !






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