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Lunch with Kalid 26/3/2010

Lunch with Kalid 26/3/2010

Posted on: 26/03/10

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The weather today is cold again . We jump up and head out for breakfast but not before phoning Kalid , our driver that took us from Amman to Petra to arrange for him to take us to Wadi Rum in the desert . He invites us to his house to meet his wife and kids and have some lunch before we go .He has a lovely family , his wife Houda works as a school teacher in the local school and teaches Arabic and science and his son who is a very lively four year old is delighted to have both Axel and Elka to run about with . His eight month old daughter Dana is just beautiful and her large brown eyes twinkle as she takes everyone in .

We eat stuffed corgettes and soup bedouin style which is on the floor , all sitting around, all of which are delicious . As the day moves on the weather gets worse and we debate about going to the desert . Eric quite rightly insists that there is noting worse then camping in the rain and especially in the desert where it would be even colder .

We decide to put the desert off but as it is too late to go to Aquaba we have to stay another night in Petra . The hotel we book into is called the Bedouin Moon Hotel which is the same rate as the not so great Shara mountains we had just left but floors are tiled , heat is on and staff are friendly . We were so tired at this stage that we did’nt notice the missing shower head or that the bathroom was in bits  .......clean but in bits and really in need of a revamp .

Thanks again Kalid and Houda for inviting us for lunch , we really enjoyed it . 



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