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Mumbai Sweat Box 19/4/2010

Mumbai Sweat Box 19/4/2010

Posted on: 15/05/10

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Like going from an oven into a steamer is the only way to describe the change in weather we experienced on flying from Udaipur to Mumbai. The mercury in Rajastan hovered around the 40 degrees mark , dry dry dry, whilst in Mumbai it was around 32 to 35 degrees with 80% humidity, seriously sticky. We stayed at the India Gate end of town which took us about two hours from the airport, Mumbai is very,very big.


To escape the clausthrophobia enducing humidity we decide on a visit to elephant island north east from the Colaba distict. A pleasent 1 hour jaunt in a ferry where as usual Axel took command with the Captain’s approval. Safely arriving on Elephant Island we took the toy train from the pier up to the bottom the steps that lead to cave temples at the top of the hill. The temples are carved out of the solid rock and there are some great examples of satue carving. Having wandered around for a couple of hours and facilitated a few dozen photo opportunities for our Indian admirers (I really should start charging people for the privelage of photographing Elka and Axel) and after a cheeky monkey stole our water we decided to retreat down the hill to get a return ferry. It was far easier carrying Elka down than up.

Mimbai is quite a cool place, I think we would like to visit when the weather is more suitable for our irish constitutions and it was way too hot at this time of year for the kids . 

If you want to shop this is the place for stocking up on branded goods . Have a look through the street stalls as most of the fashions worlds over makes end up on the street corners and are unbelievably cheap . 



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