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Murder on the Highway 16/11/2010

Murder on the Highway 16/11/2010

Posted on: 16/11/10

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We have had come this far around the world for little more than a long weekend in New Zealand due to a foul up on our tickets. We probably have a case against our travel agent but to be honest I am not complaining. We have had a fantastic trip so far and with just six days in NZ we decided to pack as much as possible into we the little time we had.

We flew into Aukland from Sydney and immediately set about picking up our motor home. We were going to continue the wanderly wagon gypo element of our trip. We had arranged to hire a motor home from the same compay we used in Australia, Apollo Campers. We headed straight to their base by the airport and ran through the formalities of hiring one. It took an age and they weren’t as professional as their counterparts in Australia. They also didn’t have any sat nav’s left, this wasn’t good. They did say we could go back to the airport and hire one, we decided not to follow that advice, hmmm. I prefer the robotic accuracy of satelite navigation as opposed to the human infallibility of my wife or anyone else in the co-drivers seat.

We had decided to concentrate on the north island as we had flown in there and as we only had six days we didn’t want to stretch ourselves too thin and try to take in the south island, we would have to leave that for another time.

We drove out of Apollo’s lot and headed north, or what I thought was north. We had gotten about 10 miles when Lisa decided we were going the wrong way. I said I was definitely following the road north, but she said no, we were going in the wrong direction so I turned off the motorway and tried to find our way back to the airport. On the way back all the signs were pointing out to us that we were now heading south but oh no, the road north must be this way. I pointed out it was on the other side of the road going back in the direction we were now travelling against. Things got rather heated in the front of the cab, very very heated, I nearly blew a gasket. Lisa tried to calm me down in the way only she can which made my, by now intense rage thrice as incendiary. After a couple of handbreakers and a slam on the breaks and a “ fuck off , you drive “ we got back to the airport where we spent the next half hour trying every exit route we could find, bar the one we started out on, in an attempt find the el dorado of the northern motorway. I eventually got out my compass and showed her the direction of north. I then got back on to the original road we had taken (North) and followed it out along the exact same route we had traversed two hour’s previous, pointing out in what was a very annoying manner all the different indications, such as signpost’s, that we were moving in a northerly direction. This wouldn’t have happened with a satnav. I had by now been re-christianed ‘Nuts’ by the kids following my expletive driven rant, this broke the ice and we had a good laugh as we headed north on the northern motorway.



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