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Panglao Island 16/7/2010

Panglao Island 16/7/2010

Posted on: 16/08/10

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We got out of Camaguin by ferry to Bohol, another part of Mindinao province. Put to shore in some crappy port we arranged a driver to get us to Panglao island, it was bloody expensive but we had to get there and away from where we were, so be it. After a 2 hour drive we arrived in Pangalao , Alona Beach where we drove around looking for a place to stay.

We found this really cool place about 10 minutes walk from the beach called Mond See Land. It was owned by an Austrian guy and his Pilipino wife, he died and she continues to run it. I got talking to the lady. She has since met up with her first love and has had a boy now three, she’s in her fifties, bit of a surprise for her but she looks great for it . 

We got a great big room with a kitchen and dining area outside two meters from the poolside so we were able to cook for ourselves and the kids. You get pretty bored eating out all the times and its difficult for the children, all the changing in food types so it was great to be able to chill out with a bottle of wine and cook dinner for a few days.

There was a little Swiss bakery across the road so we could get good bread and croissants for breakfast, we were made.

I have to admit we did very little once we were settled in here, we were looking for a break from all the traveling and found it here.

The most strenuous thing we did was get a boat to one of the neighboring islands for a day trip. Whilst Lisa and Elka chilled on the beach myself and Axel and the boat guys went out fishing. I was sick as a dog, a seasick dog, Axel was sick as a little boy who didn’t catch a fish, I would have preferred his sickness. I couldn’t wait to get back to land, I was green, real green.

Axel is absolutely fish mad, I don’t know where it comes from but all he wants to do is eat, catch, watch, talk about fish, it drives everyone mental. 




1 caroline commented on 31/08/10

Hi guys

great to hear things are still going well, the pics look fab and its a real case of jealousy as I sit at my desk - though the sun is shinning here so it makes it a pleasant place to be today!!!!
Life “same same but different” as they would say in Thailand…  wouldn’t mind a few weeks of chillin’ out on a Thai Island beach ..

be good
hugs Caroline, Rob & Oscar

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