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Perfect Day 1/11/2010

Perfect Day 1/11/2010

Posted on: 01/10/10

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We are getting into the swing of this itinerant lifestyle in our motor home. We slept in Coffs Harbour last night, the motor home gently swaying in the violent rush of air caused by the big truck rigs driving down the Gold Coast heading south on the highway we had parked beside. To be honest I didn’t notice it too much as I had my earplugs in. I think Lisa was a bit nervous about not booking into a holiday camp but we had arrived too late to book into one and I made sure I parked under some lights outside the Sunnyside Motel.

The next morning we woke early and drove into Coffs Harbour and headed for the beach to have breakfast and what a beautiful scene awaited us. We had stumbled upon Park Beach. There were a few early morning surfers there and a couple of people out for early morning walks. We set up our little camp table and chairs and had the most glorious sun drenched breakfast on the grass overlooking the northern corner of the beach where the creek bleed’s onto the beach and into the sea. It was stunning. Lisa and I looked at each other and both thought ‘fuckin hell, what a place, what a life”.

After a leasurely breakfast we packed up our things and headed off to Port McQuarie for a date with surfer Corey on lighthouse beach. Lisa and Axel were about to take another lesson.They got wet-suited up and headed into the waves. I couldn’t go as I had 8 stitches in my right ring finger. I wasn’t too upset, it looked a little cold.Maybe they were tired, maybe the waves weren’t as friendly as before but it wasn’t a great lesson for both of them. They both spent a lot more time in the water than on the boards. Lisa was riding the surfboard like a moving statue, she was as stiff as the board she was trying to ride on. Axel seemed to be using the surfboard as a spring board to dive into the water, each time he stood up he tumbled straight over into the surf. They eventually caught a few, and came up off the beach tired but satisfied in the way only surfing can satisfy.

We said our goodbyes to Corey who cried encouragement to the two surfers, ‘don’t give up, you’ll get there, eventually’, and we headed off south. We made good time and pulled off the Pacific Highway onto the only road in and out that leads to the beautifully tranquil Seals Rocks.  This is a tiny village that sits on the end of a little finger of land sticking out into the Pacific.  To get there you have to drive over some mountains and through some ancient primevil forest before the road peters out into an unpaved track. Once there you have some really isolated beautiful beaches between a couple of headlands. We arrived there late in the afternoon and pretty much had the place to ourselves.

After dinner and getting the kids to bed I went for a walk on the beach. There was so little light pollution bar the occasional sweep coming from the lighthouse a couple of headlands over that the stars looked like christmas decorations, they seemed to be hanging so low in the sky, I nearly felt I could re-arrange them. It was absolutely beautiful and for me a really perfect day.



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