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Phi Phi Island 11/8/2010

Phi Phi Island 11/8/2010

Posted on: 11/08/10

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On arrival in Koh Phi Phi we went to the tourist info stands to see what deals they had for off season. It is a good place to start as photos and maps are up on the boards but their prices are high and you will get a much better rate if you book direct but we were able to take advice on where not to go with kids. Ton Sai Bay is now full of backpacker accommodation and the beach front is littered with make shift bars and tons of rubbish. I was shocked to see the degradation of what was once such a beautiful area.


Between the sun loungers there were nappies, cans, plastic bottles, discarded flip flops , fag butts and lots of other refuse . We decided to stay on Long Beach which was very beautiful and one of the most underdeveloped beaches on the island. The accommodation here is made up of cabins, chalets and double height apartments set back into the jungle The standards here differ a lot between each of the four options on Long Beach but the prices don’t. After initially booking into Paradise Resort for 1800.00 baht per night including extra bed no brekkie we went on the lookout at the other options. There are great spacious chalets in the Blue Sky Resort for 1500 baht but no restaurant so we went with the Paradise Pearl which was a king size bed and single in a large room with good size balcony .The resort’s staff had already gained a reputation for surliness which they lived up to. A more uncooperative bunch you couldn’t have met anywhere except at home. The cleaning staff would come knocking on our room and when we told them we would be out in five or ten minutes for them would stomp off in a huff and maybe appear a couple of hours later. The next day I handed them a 100Bht and told them their faces wouldn’t crack if they smiled, they all smiled widely. The restaurant staff were no different and the management the same. The ugly ladyboy in the restaurant never smiled and the other one with the good legs took a couple of days to warm up. At one stage I thought their attitudes might have been because they had to deal with an avalanche of French on their annual two week August vacation, that’d test anyone, but they weren’t warm to anyone, even Elka. I think they have become spoiled by money and the making of it, plenty of time to make the stuff but no time for the idiots supplying it to them in the barrow load, and boy do those shithead’s know how to hose you good. The fucker’s were charging us 500Bht for an hour and a half internet time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being charged for something if I know it is going to be reasonable but everything was so bloody ordinary, the food was boring, which in Thailand is a crime as far as I’m concerned, the beer expensive, ‘but we’re an island’, where have I heard that before, come on! We have been here many times but before they used to smile when they ripped you off, now they can’t even be bothered to do that. The only saving grace was we had met a French couple, Natalie and Nicolas and there son Armand who were great company and we hung around with them for a couple of days. We decided to leave the day after they did. it was time to move on to pastures new . 




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