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Pushkar 14/4/2010

Pushkar 14/4/2010

Posted on: 08/05/10

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Apparently Lord Brahma, the creator dropped a Lotus flower and one of the petals landed here and magically created a lake. It is now one of Hinduism’s most holy sites. I thought it was more a fish pond that could do with a bit of new water, fewer crusties and less of the hard-sell that seems to go with any thing of significance in India whether it be monumental or religious.

Our hotel The Master Paradise was on the outskirts of the town, thank Krishna. Great hotel, with nice big rooms and a pool and best of all on the reception a real seargent major who when he thought we were out of ear shot farted like a thunderstorm. It was a vegetarian only hotel and Pushkar being a town of Hindu significance is a dry town so the farts can’t be blamed on the beer .

Anyway when we arrived in Pushkar I was all pumped up to get to the lake to see the sunset on the ghats (steps to the water)leading to one of the 52 guest houses that were each originally built for the Maharajas of Rajastan. So I hurried Lisa and Axel and Elka and we made our way down to the town. On entering we were accosted by these “holy fellah’s” who made us turn down an ally leading to one of the ghats, where they brought us down some steps to a large water filled tank that looked like it was for de-lousing livestock and beyond were dotted a few miserable pools of water, the remnants of lake Pushkar, what a dissapointment. The photo’s I had seen, the hype about mystical sunsets at the lakes of Pushkar, not any more. Myself and Axel were brought down to the de-lousing tank by this earnest Priest/Hustler where he got us to throw some petals into the water, splashed about a bit, did something with a coconut, got us to repeat some hindu gibberish. He then splashed some of the suspect holding tank water on us and produced a receipt book and asked us for a donation. They then did the same for Lisa. I said I would make a joint donation from Eric and Lisa.  They wern’t too happy with the donation, ah well.

We stayed a couple of days in Pushkar, a couple too many. It you are interested in hanging out with young unwashed German crusties trying to find themselves or shoeless flame throwers that are a familiar sight in every city ,drinking bhang (marijuana extract) lassies (flavored yoghurt drink), then this is the place for you, personally I couldn’t wait to see the back of it.

I did meet a very nice holy man at the top of the road and had a good laugh with him, he said did I drink, I laughed, I asked him did he pray, he laughed. I asked him to say a prayer for me, I told him I’d have a drink on him, we laughed.




1 p diddy commented on 18/05/10

Eric, good to see you have a holy man on your side…...praying for you grin keep freaking out the locals. Whole journey looks amazing. p

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