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Smuggling in Santiago 22/11/2010

Smuggling in Santiago  22/11/2010

Posted on: 22/11/10

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We arrived off our flight from Auckland at two in the afternoon and were nearly sent straight to jail, don’t pass go, don’t collect £200. Lisa had decided to smuggle in un popped popcorn and sunflower seed’s, a big no , no here. It took thirty five minutes of paperwork to clear up the mess after which we were able to escape the airport. On our taxi journey into the city our driver seemed to get very agitated and kept pointing and gesturing at Elkas feet. She had kicked off her jandals (thongs, flip flop’s). He was throwing his eyes to heaven and huffing and puffing, and saying in broken English, defeet, defeet, and putting his hand up to his face. I couldn’t think why.

A little three year old girls tiny feet, what could cause such offence. What did he mean by defeet, defeet. Victory, victory, I thought. Anyway her jandals were in the boot of the car and we couldn’t get them while he was driving like a lunatic into the city unless he pulled over. It was only later when we were discussing the drive that Lisa mentioned the fish sauce, fish sauce! During Lisa’s traumatic search at the hands of SAG, (Chilean Agricultural Department Officials), a bottle of fish sauce, which we were smuggling legally into Chile spilt over one of our case’s. He must have thought the smell of the fish sauce was emanating from Elkas feet. I can’t really blame him but I can’t help wondering did he know someone else who’s feet smelt like Asian fish sauce.


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