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Sao Paulo , Brazil

Sao Paulo , Brazil

Posted on: 08/01/11

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Out of the frying pan into the fire. We land in the worlds second most murderous city Sao Paulo Brazil, only beaten by Rio. In 1999 there were 17 murders a day here, a yearly total of 6,360. The authorities have obviously been very busy since then and have managed to get it down to just 4 a day, only 1,399 for the year, that’s not bad, is it? Murder by firearm in Brazil is four times higher than the US, there is one gun for every 11 citizens in circulation with around 50% of them being illegal, so you would imagine we would be very careful about where we stayed in Sao Paulo. I am not sure we were. Believe it or not but it is legal to break red lights at night here, something to do with the number of carjacking’s in the city.

I must admit we were careful about where we went but we all liked this city and as an introduction to Brazil it was great, the people were open and friendly and seriously good fun. The area we stayed in was called Jardins and was full of music shops, I counted over fifty in an area of a couple of blocks. The sound of drums and guitars and musicians jamming was everywhere, my brother Alan would have loved it.

We found a little restaurant round the corner called AJ’s . It was a kilo restaurant which is a common way of paying for your food here, by weight. The food was fresh and varied and a change from the meat and french fries of Argentina which I didn’t mind but needed a change from, as for the fresh juices, they were amazing, my favourite is maracuja, absolutely beautiful.

We only spent a couple of days in Sau Paulo but it was a great introduction to the cultural melting pot that is Brazil. 



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