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Shanghai 9/6/2010

Shanghai 9/6/2010

Posted on: 09/07/10

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We arrived in to Shanghai with no money, no hotel booked late at night into the biggest most cavernous airport I have ever been in. We were trying to find the exit when we came across a sign for a hotel. We were so fucked at this stage we followed the sign’s directing us to the lifts to the hotel. Unlike any hotel I have been in in any airport, this was like something out of a sci fi movie. The reason we were broke was that we couldn’t take out more than 50 euro on my card anywhere in China for some unknown reason and that is an insufficient amount of money to run a family on over here unless you are some scaldy scrimpy 60’s reject who can survive on rice and noodle’s. We got a room for the night. The next morning we ended up having to book into a Holiday Inn Express near Shanghai Main railway station. Sort of soulless, sort of sterile but with the expo on we were lucky to get a room at all.

Shanghai is very easy to get around. The metro system is easy to use and seriously fast. A great way to get around once you get used to the stares. The buildings are amazing, I prefer the slightly older more ‘lets all march together into the future’ style of architecture, all big bubbles on tripods and massive circular restaurants on the top of spikes.

Driving through the city you drive for mile after miles looking at building after  building rising high into the sky. Office blocks, residential blocks as far as the eye can see. You drive for hours and its twenty to forty stories in the outer suburbs rising to fifty to 100 as you get into the city centre. A lot of people need a lot of space to live and the only way is up.

We are booked into the Holiday Inn for two days and decide to book online one more day.  The day before we were originally due to book out Lisa find’s out she has indeed booked us a room in the Holiday Inn but it just happens to be another Holiday Inn. So an attempt is made to communicate with the hotel we are in and try to get them to change the booking so we don’t have to go through all the hassle of packing up and moving, which believe me is a mammoth task for us.

No Joy, I get the inscrutable, no rooms available, ‘better you go to other hotel’.

After my last interaction with a hotel front desk in Shenzen where I tried to get help with online check-in of flight tickets and nearly ended up ordering chicken I now know better. I mooch off up to the room with the bad news, were on the move once again.

Our new hotel is the Yun Paradise Boutique hotel apparently it is more central, so Lisa says, more central to what I ask an hour into the taxi journey to get there.

Driving through the megopolis that is Shanghai into the south west of the city, is it central, it probably is, central probably means within a thirty mile radius. I am not in the best of moods at this juncture and end up having to eat my words much to Lisa’s delight as the hotel is rather beautiful, there is a bank that will willingly accept my debit card just up the road and a metro station that will take us proper into the heart of the city in about 15 minutes.




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