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Small World 25/3/10

Small World 25/3/10

Posted on: 25/03/10

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This morning we woke to a really miserable day . The weather is cold and drizzling and there is no way we are going back to the Petra site in this . I think this is the problem with holidays in March even in the Middle East . Some days the weather is fantastic and really hot and then out of the blue you get a cold day that sends you running for your winter clothes . Thats fine if you are at home but when you are travelling for a year you have to pack both winter and summer clothes along with the kitchen sink so you don’t pack much. Today a lot of our heavier clothes need a wash and the stuff I rinsed out two days ago in Madaba is still not dry .


We were not sure how long to stay here as we did’nt know how long it would take us to do the site but been honest , we have had enough of looking at ruins and another day in Petra without doing the sites is pointless . We decided to book a desert camp for tomorrow night and then make our way down to Aquaba where the Red Sea is and chill out for a few days on the beach where the weather is warmer and we will definately get the sun .

After hanging about in Wadi Musa for the afternoon we were making our way down the road trying to decide where to eat for dinner . It was cold and I felt like having a Mansaf which is a traditional Bedouin dish of chicken , rice , nuts and a hot yogurt sauce when low and behold someone said “ Lisa “ . I looked up and there in front of me where Catriona and Dave Fitzgerald ,clients of mine from Clontarf in Dublin . We had a good laugh about this , imagine walking down the street of a mountainous town in Jordan and suddenly meeting someone you know ? God it’s such a small world . After chatting for a while we went our seperate ways but not for long , after dinner we took the kids for ice cream and bumped into them again . This time we sat down and had a drink and what started off as a day of chills ended up been a lovely evening with great company .  




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