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Smelly Delhi 3/4/2010

Smelly Delhi 3/4/2010

Posted on: 25/04/10

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The doors of the plane opened on arrival at 4.30 am and the heat just smacked us in the face . “Whats that smeeel,” Elka’s first pronouncement on India. The air was thick with a jumble of scents, one standing out more than the others that you don’t want to know about especially if you have just eaten !


On the way to the hotel we did’nt see very much as the streets were unlit but on our arrival at the hotel we were booked into the street started to come alive . Only in the dawn light could we see the extent of the street life  .It was like something out of Michael Jacksons Thriller video . Bundles of rags started moving around everywhere , some had slept on their carts , some were just lying on the pavement , some where on the empty fruit display boards they worked at and others slept across the handlebars of their rickshaws . No sleeping bags , no old pillows or anything of comfort was used to soften their slumber . The sight of this is no doubt disturbing , but it is Indian life and we have to get used to it .

Getting around the next morning in Delhi was easy and any number of transport options are available . We just hopped into the first Tuk Tuk we saw and off we went into the chaos . The smells we came across were gag worthy but thankfully we passed them so  quickly that the feeling eased . We got hassled a bit but most of the beggers are more interested in our kids and they seem to back off to have a good look at them . For this reason alone I recommend you bring young kids with you .

The hotel we stayed in is The Aster Inn in Karol Bagh , New Delhi and cost us under €50.00 euro per night . The place was spotless and the furniture all new with tiled floors and bathrooms .Nothing was too much and they went out of their way to look after us even going as far as booking our hotel in Jaipur passing on a better rate then any of the webites were offering .

Raja , if you are reading this thanks a million for everything !





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