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Snorkelling is Like Sex 23/8/2010

Snorkelling is Like Sex 23/8/2010

Posted on: 23/08/10

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“Snorkelling is like sex, the first time you try it you are nervous...... but it’s still the best thing you have ever tried....... the more you do it the better it gets....... As you do it with more people you learn new techniques......... With experience you can do it for longer and have more fun”.

We all went out for a day of snorkelling and exploring the islands on a little boat with a couple of new friends, Jackie and Samantha. Jackie, like us is taking a year out and travelling with her daughter Samantha who is seven and gets on with Elka and Axel like a house on fire. We met them on the beach a couple of days ago and when you find someone who has a child about Axels age and both of them can communicate you make a special effort to accomodate their wishes, the kids I mean. When you are on the move as much as we are the one thing Axel misses is not being able to interact with someone his own age. So when a kid comes along its great for him and its good for us too seeing as how he devotes all his time and energies on his new pal and we get a break from his limitless enquiry’s and boundless energy. From talking to Jackie it is a little respite for her as well .

We had been 3 days on the Perenthian islands off the east coast of Malaysia and thought it was time to see something of them before we left hence the boat trip.

The islands are very small and dotted with lots of lovely empty sandy coves fringed by jungle going up in to the hills.

Axel had made a tentative attempt at snorkelling on Koh Lip pe in Thailand but was uncomfortable with the experience so it wasn’t persued. This time however there was no retisence on his part and when the boat stopped at a turtle watching spot in the sea with no land around he flippered and masked up and followed me in with no reservations. I think maybe this had something to do with a little girl from New Zealand who was getting ready to join us in the water. It’s funny what a little bit of peer pressure does to change the boy’s mind, his competitive spirit was awakened and there was no way he was going to be the last one in. He absolutely loved it, spluttering through his breathing tube and pointing and gesticulating at everything around him, Dad, Dad look at this, this is amazing, this is brilliant, look at that, look at this, all shouted at the top of his foghorn voice under water.

We dived at a number of sites throughtout the day and got to se some incredible looking fish, their combination of colours and different shapes of fish were something else. Of course our new diving expert got to see a bigger selection than anyone else and he probably did as he was in the water more than anyone else.  And in true fisherman mode the black tip shark we saw and the stingray that only he saw kept getting bigger and bigger with the telling as the day went on. It was such a beautiful day, holding his little hand and swimming together amongst the fish and coral. Something I would never get a chance to do at home. We stopped at a little place called Clearwater Cove where we were able to wash the salt and spray off ourselved in a fresh water spring and from there we finished off the day by going to the absolutely beautiful deserted Turtle Beach, a beach where believe it or not turtles lay their eggs.




1 Jacqui Thomas commented on 24/09/10

Yes, it was an awesome day and remains one of the highlights of our trip so far!  Made all the more special by the company, having cool new friends to enjoy it with.  Glad to see you have as much trouble keeping up to date with the admin of teh trip as I do!  Samantha has just put her blog up about the Perhentians, mine is written but not up yet.  Hope you’re all having grand adventures wherever you may be now.  We’re in the UK still and off to Santorini on Tuesday - can’t wait! xx


2 Malene Jakobsen commented on 24/09/10

I just love that story! Such a perfect experience! Good times for you! I am SO jelaous wink Keep enjoying! M

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