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Surfer Boy 27/10/2010

Surfer Boy 27/10/2010

Posted on: 27/10/10

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After saying our goodbyes to Herman we up sticks and headed over to the beach to meet up with Corey from ‘Soul Surfing’ in Port Macquarie. I had arranged for Axel to have his first surf lesson. We were there at the appointed time of 9.50 am and Axel was squeezed into a wetsuit and left in the capable hands of surfer dude Brett Pattison. I don’t think he will mind me saying this but Brett looks from a distance like a young gun and up close like a freakishly fit 50.

He took Axel under his wing and had him out in the water in no time and standing on his board. He was steadying the board for him as they caught a wave and then letting him go, and surfing right into the beach. I wasn’t too sure he would like it as it is quite physical and tiring but after his one and a half hours were up I had to fight with him to get out of his wetsuit and had to get one of the instructors stop him from picking up a board on his own and heading out. He kept saying can I not have another lesson straight away. Daddy’s pocket couldn’t allow it. Brett said he hadn’t seen one like him in a long time. He normally has to tow the kids out to the surf and can’t get them to paddle, but Axel just wanted to keep on getting back out there.

I hope it’s not a fad as he seemed to really enjoy the surfing and it is the first sport I have really seen him engaged with. I figure I’ll have to buy two wetsuits and two boards eventually, as I had to stop Elka from dragging a board off the beach into the water, I waanna surf too, I waanna surf toooo.

We dried him off, dragged him off the beach and up to the motor home where Lisa cooked up a big fry which we ate looking out on to Flynn’s beach after which we were on the road. That night was the first night Axel ever asked us could he go to bed. Happy days, I hope he keeps it up.

Soul Surfing 

Port Macquarie

00 61 265820114

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