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Tango Fantastic

Tango Fantastic

Posted on: 16/12/10

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From coffee with legs in Santiago to beer with tango in Buenas Aires. We are sitting in a small square in the San Telmo district having a drink, watching a display of tango dancing in the late afternoon heat. The beer is cold, both dancers are fit, her legs are long, her dress skimpy and my mind is a blank and the feeling is quite pleasant. It is nice and uncomplicted, however if you are a woman and your name is Lisa the same situation reads as follows..........

“It’s hot here but not just under the collar . We arrived here 3 hours ago and already we are sitting in  San Telmo. The tantalizing sounds of the Tango fill the square and a scantily clad woman wraps her body tight around her human pole. With a tist, a turn and a high leg kick it’s not long before we are caught up in the heady sexy undertones that make this dance so intoxicating .

Today we are 10 years married and what a romantic place this is to be . The accent is Italian but the language is Spanish ....all hand gestures included .Without realizing it I am playing footsie with Eric until all of a sudden there is an almighty crash as Elkas orange juice clanks to the ground and the glass shatters . Back to reality with a sudden jolt (up to this I had been able to blank the kids)........if only we had a babysitter !”

I suppose Buenes Aires will do that to you if you let it. It is a very big and very sexy city. We are staying in a small hotel called Noster Baynes on Av Brazil a few blocks from Plaza Dorega where we catch the Tango dancers. San Telmo is right beside the infamous La Boca district. Me, Axel and Elka took a bus tour and saw a good deal of the city and took in the La Boca area in the daytime, it didn’t look too bad. We were warned to be careful and not to venture there in the night time so we booked dinner in a little Italian place right in the centre on one of the evenings we were there.  We got a taxi there, had a lovely dinner and with the assistance of some of the local home-boys got a taxi back to our hotel. I think a city is as dangerous as you let it be, if you are open and confident and know what you want you see a different side to a place and the people in that place see you differently. We have been in some of the most dangerous cities in the world this year and havn’t had any problems to date, touch wood, preferably oak if you are a celt.

We spent a couple of days in the Recoleta district where we walked around the citys most popular craft fair and bought a few trinkets had coffee and soaked up the ambience. This is the posh area and some of its poshest residents are holed up in the amazing Cementerio De La Recoleta. Lisa was off doing some recreational Christmas shopping so I brought the kids there. We spent a few hours walking around looking at the sarcophagi crypts, Elka shouting ‘Scooby Doo where are you’ into the tomb doors. We never found Scooby Doo that day so we made up for it with double helpings of chocolate icecream.

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city but you can see it and Argetina have really struggled to recover from their very own financial crisis in the late 90’s and early noughties’s. Huge areas of the city are covered in garbage. It’s not that it is not collected it’s just that before it get’s collected it has been gone through by an army of scavengers trying to make a living sifting through it to get anything of value out of it, plastic, paper and glass, and in the process scattering it all over the streets.

It can happen anywhere as we all know.








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