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Tanjung Lesung 5/10/2010

Tanjung Lesung 5/10/2010

Posted on: 05/10/10

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We were still in ticket limbo and were trying to sort out our flight to Sydney but figured we were better off doing it from a place we could all chill out in and decided to head for Tanjung Lesung which is a quite remote area in south west Java . We took a taxi from Jakarta thinking it would be a 3 hour drive but arrived at the Sailing Club late in the evening four and a half hours later . We have found taxis to be cheap compared to private car companies and have used them a lot on our trip here . The fare worked out at 700,000 IRP which is about €63.00 so not bad compared to the €160.00 we were quoted by the private car companies .

We weren’t expecting too much of the place, I think our minds were on Australia, we should have been there a week ago and we were essentially waiting around, albeit in a nice place. So the following morning we all woke up and found ourselves in the sailing club. It was Thursday and very quiet, I thought we had made a mistake. By Friday my fears were allayed. Lots of people had arrived down from the weekend with their children and dogs and grandparents. There was a great mix of people from all over the world mostly the expat community all escaping Jakarta for a few days. The kids were having a ball, Axel and his multinational gang playing on the beach, fishing, making a tree house. Elka with her new best friend, Lux and Pip the dog. I think she got more fun throwing the ball for him than he got from retrieving it, it never went very far.

(There is a bloody huge beetle flying about like a helicopter in the restaurant I am trying to write this in. There another one!, they seem to be attracted by the light and aren’t very good flyers. They seem knackered and every so often come crashing to the ground with a loud bang, and lay on their backs trying not very convincingly to turn over, very disconcerting.)

The weather was a little mixed the first couple of days but after that we had nothing but glorious sunshine. The little beach bar just by the water served beautiful food and the staff were friendly and easygoing. They put up with all the requests from Axel, can you tie this hook to my fishing rod, can you cook the fish I got from the fishermen for me. They looked on as the kids ran riot around the restaurant, nothing was a problem. None of the parents cared, the kids were someone else’s problem now.

Axel made friends with a boy called Fin, and his sister Senna who’s parents Julian and Karen were teaching in Jakarta, having moved from Hanoi. One of the nights they built a bonfire on the beach, which the boys had a great time with. What is it about boys and fire.

We had a great time out here but unfortunately had to head back to Jakarta a day earlier than we wanted to as we had to pay a surcharge on our already paid for tickets to Sydney and the BA Jakarta office for some reason don’t accept credit cards !



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