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The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Posted on: 24/12/10

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During the night we had an unexpected visitor, a midnight phantom, we weren’t sure at first, maybe it was Mrs Claus, Mama Noelle, come early to impart some important information about our arrangements for the next few days. Had we forgotten something, was he going to bypass the estancia. We were woken up by this little old lady who was shaking Lisa vigorously at about 4 am, speaking in tongues, or what sounded like tongues at that hour of the night.

Lisa sat up in the bed buck naked saying "Ola" and outside we heard someone else frantically instructing the apparition that she was in the wrong room , with that she disappeared as quickly as she had arrived . The following morning over breakfast we were informed that the ghost of Christmas past had been Diego’s mother come to spend Christmas with the family on the farm . Being used to being woken up at strange hours of the night meant we didn’t mind the intrusion at all, but the poor little lady was very embarrassed. It was no fault of her own that she picked that room to visit on arriving at the farm. We learned that our hosts had kindly given us the biggest room in the estancia because of our numbers and this happened to be their room. She was only trying to wake her son, poor thing . This event only added to our stay and after having a good laugh over breakfast we felt even more at home. 


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