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The Price’s 15/10/2010

The Price’s 15/10/2010

Posted on: 15/10/10

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Day two in Sydney and we met up with some old “mates “ as they say here , Pricey Senior and Pricey Junior and Junior’s newly moved in girlfriend , Sara . I think we met them in Balmain which is yet another beautiful inlet in Sydney harbour . The instuctions were to get the ferry there and walk straight up the hill to the pub with no name. We did this but were having problems finding the pub and were about to ask for directions for the second time when I spied Pricey Junior up the street a little bit. For any of you who know him, he’s looking good and doing good, a complete Aussie head on him these day’s, like his auld man who comes from three continents now depending on who he’s talking to.

It was great to see Kevin (Wing Co) Price who left Ireland a couple of months after we started our odyssey with his better half Pam . Unfortunatly she wasn’t there as she had to leave a week before to tend to her mother in the UK who had broken her hip so we had to make do with the arch spoofer himself. We had a goodly number of schooners of Carlton, piss by any other name, Aussie beer is shit. I did find one that would appeal to anyone who likes AC/DC, a type of stout called ‘Dirty Deed’s’, I tried it, it should be called, ‘For Those About To Puke’.

We moved from ‘The Pub With No Name’ to another pub who’s name I don’t know but had reasonable enough Guinness, I think it is Andy’s old local. We had another couple of schooners and left before we were thrown out. You could tell they were getting a bit put out about the kids playing on the floor with their toys, health and safety and all that, somebody might have fallen over one of them. I don’t know how that could happen in an Aussie pub as you aren’t allowed to get drunk in them, hello!

I’ll blog about the health and safety and rules and regs at a future date, I am still trying to comprehend them.

We had a great afternoon and eventually said our goodbyes, I would see Kevin in his new lair in a couple of days for a promise barbe , 1st in Oz .




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