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The Taj

The Taj

Posted on: 28/04/10

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Everyone knows from the guidebooks that the best-advised time to go to the Taj Mahal is at 6 am just as it opens. Well a 6am start would never suit us as we would probably sleep through the alarm and been honest I did not fancy visiting with the rest of the western world at this ungodly hour. We decided to wait until 5pm when the day would be cooler and the mass of tour buses long gone.


It was just magical walking though the gates and the magnificent beauty of the Taj had tears in my eyes that I was really not expecting. The way the light hits the white marble and the contrast of the brightly colored Indian clothing is stunning .It has to be one of the most romantic places to visit in the world and it is even more romantic when you hear the story of it’s creation . I asked Eric if loved me enough to build me a monument of that beauty and my question was met with a laugh!

We had two hours to explore the Taj and enjoy the gardens. Many Indians asked us if they could take photos of our kids with their kids and this was quite amusing for us all. We were in no way hassled either inside or outside the Taj and the hoards of people that we had been warned about were either long gone from the 6 am start or we were just plain lucky with the day.




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