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The Dreaded Trots , India 8/5/2010

The Dreaded Trots , India 8/5/2010

Posted on: 23/05/10

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Everyone knows that India has a reputation for being dirty . This is not exclusively a fact for the streets but also in the hotels and resturaunts. The locals just don’t seem to see the dirt or care about it in anyway. There is no way they wash their hands after going to the toilet as most hotels and resturaunts that are reccomended do not even have soap or hand wash in the bathrooms . Why they spend so much money on marble lobbies and modern fit outs and forget about cleaning the previous visitors unburdend load of diarroha is beyond me . After many , many visit to hotels in India the common denomonater is dirt . Glass and mirrors smeared with fingerprints , spaltter marks all over the toilet seats , bases and surrounding walls ,sinks with all sorts of stuff stuck to the taps is the norm . On one of our stays in a mid range recommended hotel called The Godwin in Mumbai I had to clean the toilet myself .

The cleaner that was sent up twice was a teenager of about 16 years . He went into the bathroom and came out with a big bright smile and a “ now mam , it is clean you check  “ and I am sure he used the edge of his shirt to clean the jax  as he had no cloths or cleaner with him . In I went to have a look and it still wasn’t clean enough ..... I knew no matter how many times I could asked him to do it , it would never be right so I usherd him off and got out the surgical grade wipes we had brought and proceeded to give it a good scrub myself !

At €90,00 a night for a double room I did not expect to have to do this but after leaving the first hotel we tried in Mumbai because it was grubby and also knowing the standards of other Indian hotels I had not much of an option . At least when Axel or Elka were using the toilet I knew that it was as clean as it could be .

Today after just over four weeks in India all of us have the runs and I have spent last night puking into a bucket and today I pucked on the platform while waiting for our train to Bangalore . No amount of washing our hands or eating in recommended restaurunts have saved us from this unpleasant sickness . We have only eaten peeled fruit and veg and well cooked food in places that have been recommended by the lonely planet . We have not had any ice in our drinks and eating meat is rare so how did we get sick ? It must have been from the lack of hygiene.

The dirt is really Indias downfall and unfortunatly the government don’t help in either educating the public or setting a standard . Maybe some day when they start collecting the waste,  clean the streets and try and educate the locals  about hygiene they will have a beautiful  country .....but until then it’s pretty much a smelly dirty place to be .





1 una williams commented on 02/06/10

Hi guys, sounds really rough compared to the loveliness of the other countries, is it any wonder their country is so poor and needlessly as it has so much beauty in other ways if they cleaned up they could become alot richer from tourism alone and more businesses would invest too. I feel it for you guys and especially with the kids its awful. Well we had a lovely trip to Croatia and Bosnia although in some of the poorer areas hygiene was not great either, got some lovely shots check my FB page when you get a min. We got stuck because of the ash but the air line Jet 2,put us up in a beautiful hotel near Dubrovnik I was initially upset caused we missed the kids although we had Joshua with us, handful that he was lol,when we got to the hotel we smiled ahh well this is not so bad after all,it was wonderful and we were spoiled for two days yipee for us.  Josip is gone back over for two weeks business and we plan to return in the summer for a month at least. My photography is taking off ,doing the Launch of celed hair salon thurs, did a ball in Cork last Sat photos for Irish Tattler,RSVP and a few other mags really enjoying it and off to a launch today for a web company bring em on I say lol…..Hi to the kiddies from us lovin your photos too keep em comin will be in touch soon big hugs and much love to you all prayers for protection from any futher illness in India take care you guys…Una xxx


2 Mary Barry commented on 26/05/10

OMG I can just imagine you Lisa with the dirt .. UUUGGGGGHHHHH !!
Keep in touch .. love following your adventure and great to chat the other day xxxx


3 Trisha commented on 25/05/10

Hi guys,
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy logging on and catching up with your adventure.  Mum is addicted too, she has her new computer!  Your website is sooooooo professional, totally impressed!  Keep up the good work making our dull and boring lives seem even duller.  Look after yourselves.
Love Trish

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