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Tigre Delta

Tigre Delta

Posted on: 04/01/11

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After what felt like a bland, boring time in Cordoba we were back to Buenos Aires to do some of the city sights without all the hoards of Christmas shoppers . Our plan was to quickly get to Tigre , 35kms north of the city for some green space and easy living for a couple of days in the delta region . After many unsuccessful hours searching the web for places to stay we decided to head off any way and hoped we would get something on arrival .

To get here we took a little electric train named the ‘Tren de la Costa’ from the Buenos Aires suburb of Olivos and for about an hour we passed through a number of lovely old train stations and took in the views of the mighty Rio de la Plata. On the way we got speaking to a family of Porteno’s (Argentinians)whos daughter happended to live in Dublin for a number of years . With that introduction she decided she would help us when we got to Tigre to find accomodation.  Once we arrived at the station she along with her bemused husband and three grandchildren showed us to the tourist information center where we could arrange for somewhere to stay.

We hung around the little port area and had lunch, made a few calls and finally we were sorted with a little house 30 mins further into the delta. We had to get a public taxi boat up the river were we were met at the Santa Rosa jetty by Gonzalo. He got quite a shock when he saw all our luggage. We didn’t realise that we would have to lug our bags along a kilometer of rickity walkways and bridges over the little waterways to get to the house so by the time we arrived

my arms were a good six inches longer than when I started the trip and Lisa’s back is knackered, the joys of travelling with everything you need for a year on your back. Gonzalo was also looking the worst for wear seeing as he had to help us.

After all the sweaty hard labour all was sweet and lightness when we arrived at our little house on the bayou.  A sofa bed in the living area, an actual bedroom with a door, a kitchen, a veranda, what luxury. The water here is a wonderful rich coffee colour due to the high iron content and trees are everywhere .

This is a really lovely place to spend a few day’s. A lot of people from Buenos Aires spend their summers or weekends here and I can understand why. I imagine it must be very similar to the bayou’s of the Mississippi delta. Hundreds if not thousands of kilometers of small waterways, all the house’s built on stilts for the regular flooding.  Axel loved it, the little waterway outside our door was teeming with fish so he could indulge his passion for all things piscine and in the process give all of us a much needed break. I love fishing, especially when Axel is doing it.

We spent our time here reading, catching up on some writing and untangling fishing lines, and wondering every minute where Elka was. Two days were too short and a week would have been perfect, in fact you could spend a lot longer here and be the better for it .

We wised up on the return to Tigre and opted for a sightseeing tour through part of the delta in Gonzalo’s boat . No humping bags , no sweating and least of all no killing each other .


One hour boat ride 200 Argentine Pesos  / €40.00











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