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To Singapore by bus 31/08/2010

To Singapore by bus 31/08/2010

Posted on: 31/08/10

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Singapore is more compact, less highrise and greener that I thought it would be. We arrived by bus from Mersing port in Malaysia which took about 4 hours rather then the advertized 1 ½ . Being honest it was a pain in the backside with all of our luggage as we had to change bus about 3 times . Once before the border, second time coming up to passport control and finally we had to rebord a bus from the border to Singapore center, all luggage had to come off each time for security so the sweat was pumping and the nerves were frazzled .


We were lucky, we had the help of a lovely Canadian girl who we had bumped into on the jungle train and again on the bus to Singapore who took hold of one of our wheelies and help us all the way through .We got a taxi at the bus stop where we were dropped off and headed into little India. As you can gather it is an area of Singapore that is home to many of its immigrants from the sub continent. It was so like being in parts of India except a lot cleaner but all the smells were there, the spices the tandoor’s cooking the throngs of people on the streets.

We found it difficult getting a hotel there, most of them were full, we ended up staying in a Hotel 81, part of a soulless chain, with no bar but at least it was in the middle of things. At 9pm we finally checked into our hotel and at last we were able to relax and find something to eat . It had been a long , long day .




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