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Trek to Mysore 4/5/2010

Trek to Mysore 4/5/2010

Posted on: 04/05/10

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Getting from Gokarna to Mysore was some trek . It is about an eighteen hour journey , the first four of these hours were by private car to the nearest train station where we had to pick up an overnight train to Mysore . The only other option was to go by sleeper bus but did’nt fancy 18 hours of that with the kids . The train journey itself was easy as we boarded at about 9pm and hopped into bed in our 2nd class ac bunks . The kids really love this mode of transport and if they are happy we are happy ...anything for a quite life ! Our train was scheduled to arrive at 6.30 am but actually made it in early at 5.30 am . This may sound like an awful lot of trouble to some but since the kids were asleep by 10.30 the 5.30 am wake up was fine , just a gentle shake and up they got already dressed in yesterdays clothes .

Arriving here was lovely , the climate was cooler then the coast and the abundance of big old trees and plenty of parks makes this town pleasant on the  eye.

We had booked our hotel by phone and on arrival dropped our bags and headed out for breakfast in the already bustling city returning at 12.30 to check into the room and have a wash and a snooze . The KSTDC Mayura Hoysala hotel we booked into was a weird government run place but the big old building and veranda fronted rooms had a much better appeal then the newly built badly run modern hotels that were two to a penny in the city . We booked into this place for 3 nights paying in cash a deposit . I am not going to go into the niggly issues we encountered each day but every time we went out there was some poor Indian family having a row with the weirdo on the front desk . We did’nt pay much heed until the morning of our third and final day we mosied downstairs at about 10am and we were told at the desk that we had to check out there and then as our room had been booked  by someone else ! We were offered our deposit back and that was that we had to get out .  No amount of arguing was going to change the situation so we packed up and got the “ hell out of there “ . The whole process took about 3 hours out of our last day here and the rush to pack , find a new hotel , and to check in was a pain in maximus glutimus as you can imagine . So guys and girls if you are ever going to Mysore , if I was you I would stay well clear of KSTDC and any govenment run establishment barr of couse Indian Rail . If you do stay well clear you will recieve better service , better rates and of course much , much better food !




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