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Turkish Food 18/2/10

Turkish Food 18/2/10

Posted on: 17/02/10

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Day three and the kids are all excited about breakfast , I don't know why as they only eat the eggs and won't drink the milk .

They are having a hard time with the food and unless we spend more then our budget we don't have many options for food other then traditional dishes ( mainly koftas , salad and rice ) Fish here is expensive same as most European cities and our meal on the first night cost around €140.00 for 3 mains , bread and no dessert but included a bottle of wine..... so not as cheap as you would think it to be . Most places around the Sultanhmet serve traditional dishes and you have to be careful where you go as some of them look pretty awful. The most popular traditional resturaunt down this end seams to be the Sultanhamet Koftici which is mentioned in all the guide books . Be careful though as there are 2 very close to each other and one is better then the other so go to the Selim Usta one that has been around since 1920. Here dinner will set you back around €8.00 a head and the service is fast . The closest supermarket is about 15 mins away so planning is necessary for things like fresh milk , kids yogurts etc.We have also found this little coffee shop called Ciclem at the Blue Mosque end of Sultanhamet which had the most gorgeous pastries and hot chocolates which the kids love ....Eric took a shot of some of the cakes in the window and they are as good as they look !

All in all you had better like meat and chicken as they are the 2 main foods served in the city. Everything is served with rice and salad but no options for other vegetables for the kids.   

Axels lessons are going well . He has taken to the one on one teaching every morning after breakfast for an hour . It is important that these lessons become normality for all of us or lazy ways and excuses will sneak in and upset any progress . Either Eric or myself take him down to the lobby where there are lots of tables and a not so much traffic to do his work while the other looks after Elka in the bedroom . The DVD player is a must for these times as she is happy to watch Peppa Pig while one of us get through emails etc.

Our cultural excursion today was to the Blue Mosque . It is really beautiful from both externally and internally . The kids got a kick out of taking their shoes off as is customary outside and been able to walk around in their socks on the carpets .

Our two were of course the loudest and most playful and we decided it was time to go when they started getting a little giddy . We were in and out within 30 mins with no queues so it was an easy place to visit with the kids . L.F.



1 Ben Smith commented on 13/03/10

Hey Axel, Love the pic - am jealous man. Delighted I can follow you on the website am going to look at it all the time.
Keep in touch.

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