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Twinkle , Twinkle Little Star 30/3/2010

Twinkle , Twinkle Little Star 30/3/2010

Posted on: 30/03/10

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Under the covers fully clothed in a tent in a desert camp called Beit Ali in Wadi Rum , Jordan I finally get 5 mins to write something . The tent is huge and sleeps the four of us very comfortably and for me this is the highlight of the trip so far . After dinner tonight we went for a walk out side the camp away from any man made light to look at the stars . The brightness of the moon and the clear visibility of the stars is something that you don’t see at home and we cannot escape the beauty of the night sky . It’s chilly and the sand is strangely cold to touch so we didn't stay out walking for long .


We arrived here about 3.30pm today and explored the camp before climbing the desert rock where we watched the sun go down and the sky turn orange . Away from the noise of cars and city living , it is easy to fall in love with this place .

The kids are so excited about being here and their eyes are sparkling with happiness . Tommorow we hope to go Camel treking for a couple of hours and maybe get a look at where Lawrence of Arabia lived when he roamed this desert some eighty odd years ago .We may even get to see the “Seven Pillars of Wisdom “ that he wrote about .We are heading back to Amman tomorrow and flying to India on Friday night so it is a great end to our time here and I can’t wait to come back .





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