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Ubud 12/9/2010

Ubud 12/9/2010

Posted on: 12/09/10

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The accommodation in Ubud had been haphazard at the best of times. The town was very busy. We ended up staying in three hotels over four days. The first two hotels the Padi Prada and Nyoman Karsa were good by any standard but the third hotel part of the Tegal Sari resort was seriously good. We booked into our Villa Sesapi and never left it for 24 hours. Room service all the way from the attached Warung Semesta cafe , this was a big treat for us all. We could lounge around the pool with the kids, relax and read or just sit up in the big bed watching T.V all in the luxurious surroundings of our new 24hr home, absolute heaven.

In and around Ubud is still very beautiful. All the hotels we stayed in were in a little triangle less than 20mtrs from each other on Monkey Forest Road. All of them had beautiful views of rice padi’s to the rear and all were right in the middle of the town.  The road is named after a park at the end of it that is home to a massive troop of small monkeys.

We had great fun with Elka there as she believes that her pink backpack and my beard were stolen by some monkeys. Whenever we are on an island with another island in the distance, the far island is known as monkey island where they wait till dark to come over to our island and steal anything she has forgotten or lost in the past few days, which is quite often seeing as how she has a habit of burying her toys in the sand. She will often stand on the beach pointing her finger and shouting, ‘Hey Monkeys, you give back my pink backpack and Daddy’s beard, we going to come over there and tell you moms and dads and their gonna make you all run home and cry’. We went on a walk down to the monkey forest and she was on her haunches interrogating one particular monkey who didn’t take kindly to being called a thief and threw out a left hook and scratched her, well you should have heard the howls and scream from her. She has now decided to take a less confrontational approach to getting the backpack back, she says she is going to get her wings and fly up to their tree when there not there to get them back, smart girl.

We hired a car for a couple of days and drove around Ubud and central Bali which is lush and fertile and full of the specializing villages I spoke about earlier. This is Lisa on reconnaissance territory, always looking for the next thing in interiors. So we did a lot of stopping and looking and talking to the craftspeople in the villages we passed through. Bali will probably feature in our working lives some time in the future.

We couldn’t stay any longer for the time being as we had to head to Lombok and the Gili islands. We would return in a few days to pick up our excess luggage before heading on to Java .








1 una williams commented on 04/10/10

Hi guys,Ubud sounds like a cool place,we are all well here,got some nice shots of the kids in Malahide Castle on Sat 2nd oct,had great fun and they all took turns taking shots even Josh insisted on having a go,saw a few squirrels too but they were to fast for us to get a shot of.
Kids are starting to gear up for Halloween,told them I refuse to buy any new costumes this year so they have set about making some,badly..lol..but 10 out of 10 for effort.I have been busy taking photos out n about and really enjoying it ,had a few more publications this month too.Hope the monkey returns that bag but hes welcome to the beard Eric..lol
Catch up again soon…hugs Una and crew..xxx

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