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Uncle Peter 3/8/2010

Uncle Peter 3/8/2010

Posted on: 03/08/10

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We headed to Pattaya to see my uncle Peter and his partner Oy and stayed there for a few days to spend some time with them . He is just getting over his second heart bypass. Peter is, he’ll kill me for this, but I think about 80 and doing very well and getting seriously first world treatment in a ‘third world country’. The sort of treatment that would make you ashamed to come from a country awash with money that places it’s citizens on chairs and trolleys in A&E.

It was a bit freaky seeing him for the first time as he had lost so much weight and looked a lot like my late father. Hopefully Peter has many years ahead of him. He is a brave man getting an operation in Thailand that they wouldn’t carry out on him in his home country as he was deemed to be too much of an insurance risk, bastard’s. Our time in Pattaya was short and apart from getting a very good teeth clean for under €17.00 , we didn’t spend any time in the surrounding area or on the beach . If and when we required more extensive dental work , it will be Thailand we come to . 


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