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Waking in the Desert 31/3/2010

Waking in the Desert 31/3/2010

Posted on: 31/03/10

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Woke up this morning at 7.30 with a beam of sunlight streaming through the flaps of the tent directly on to my face . It was a much nicer way to wake up then to the sound of an alarm . I grabbed the washbag and headed off for a shower before all the hot water disappeared . It was really peaceful walking through the camp and great to have a minute on my own.


The kids were still asleep when I got back so the silence in the tent was a novelty.

On the way back from my shower I had noticed a jeep with a roof tent which looked like it could sleep four  people . I wouldn’t be the most seasoned camper so had never seem one before . Eric went off to fetch some coffees and on his way back got chatting with the jeep owners . It was uncanny , they were Nick and Sara Loxton from Bath on a six month break from their business in the furniture industry for the same reasons as ourselves . They took their ten year old son , Fred out of school and took off for a trip driving from England with their final destination being South Africa and are loving it . It was great to meet another family doing something similar to ourselves. We had covered similar ground from Turkey onwards but they are heading for Egypt and working their way through Sudan while we are heading east . We could have chatted to them all day but time was short and we had to go and fit some desert sightseeing before our 2.00 pm pick up .

Outside the gates of the camp we met Abdullah , a local bedouin . He had a four wheel drive and took us out for an hour and a half . I was hoping for a camel trek and he said he would find one much to my delight .

We drove to the sand dunes first which are orange in colour and all of us had a roll down the dunes . We passed the Nabataen graffiti etched into rocks which are over 2000 years old . After he brought us to a little cave which was where T.E Lawrence of Arabia hid out during the Arab revolt . Finally , on our return to the camp we came across a lone camel. He had no saddle so I couldn’t get on him but we were able to perch Elka up for a photo . If you ever want to really get away from it all this is the place .

Our night in the camp including beautiful food ,beers  , wine and any number of soft drinks came to €140.00 for the four of us .

The jeep ride was €35.00 for 90 mins so no wonder Abdullah can afford 2 wives and 9 kids and god knows how many sheep and camel !






1 parade commented on 09/05/10

Jesus , they will own most of wiclow in no time ! think thats three now isn’t it ?


2 darrell commented on 25/04/10

Take your time. By the way Newcastle got promoted - thought you might like to know that and I was just getting used to life without them..the toon army ride again!

Shaz and Graham also launched a new restaurant last night - we could not make it but heard its a good vibe. Its in Wicklow town and a sort of italian, asian, world cuisine menu - hope it goes well for them. Will keep you posted.

via con díaz


3 Eric commented on 25/04/10

Hey Darrell,
Definitely try West Rajastan for the desert gig, Jaisalmer is a city in the west, very romantic, huge dunes all you need to get some good shots.
In Goa at the moment, catching up in the blog. Will have some new post soon.


4 Eric commented on 25/04/10

Hi David,
I swear we haven’t been anywhere near Aquaba, honest.


5 David commented on 22/04/10

Hey Eric! Criona’s husband here (David). I saw the following article and I thought, are there any rings in Jordan at the moment? It might explain a little.



6 itchybollix commented on 19/04/10


Yo!  Omar & Faithi say hello.  I’m kinda on the bum here.  Stuck for tickets to see Pavement in Tripod - SOLD OUT.  I want to contact John Reynolds to try and get in because he goes back a bit with my dad and I’m jsut wondering if the “Declan Forde” who does the bookings in POD is related to you Lisa?

Meanwhile back on the funny farm Mary Hanaffin says it’s all the voters fault that Fianna Fail blew the boom.  And here’s me thinking it was Bertie selling the voters what they wanted.  Hanafin also said it’s just fine and dandy for her to hold onto her teachers position and claim that pension too, on top of her TD pension, on top of her Ministerial Pension, it’s all fine and dandy becasue she’s “entitled” to it.  Meanwhile, as you may have guessed, I’ve been banned for life from politis.ie again.  For telling a very funny anal sex joke involving Iris Robinson.  puh.

currently back listening to this



please get back to about the Forde thing, I need an angle very soon on that gig, it’s just around the corner


p.s. hoovered my bedroom on the w/end


7 darrell commented on 13/04/10

Hi Guys

Thanks for that. I will get cracking on the planning but not sure I will be going anywhere till well after summer and the twins are ‘bedded’ in. By the way I meant to say that our house build starts next week. Its a 22 week time line. We need to start thinking on furniture soon. Would you be interested in getting involved - maybe if you see something abroad? No pressure tho - only if you want to.

Take care guys.



8 parade commented on 13/04/10

If you go to the resources page you will see links to all our accommadation . xx Lisa


9 parade commented on 13/04/10

You could try Beit Ali where we stayed or in India there is a place called Jaislamer in india which is supposed to be amazing . I have always associated deserts with the “Arabian Nights ” and the idea of an Indian on a camel is not as picture perfect as an Arab on one ! The Middle Eastern food is fantastic but I am sure the Kalahari desert would have much to offer by way of cuisine .
Big kiss to Bui and Bernie . Can’t believe you are nearly there with the twins . Better get planning the desert trip before they come or you have to wait 5 years !!!! XX


10 darrell commented on 12/04/10

Hi Guys, you look like you are having a great time. Very healthy beard Eric!

Meant to say to you that Kevin Thornton and I are thinking of going to a desert location to source and cook a meal similar to our Antarctica adventure. We are thinking Kalahari or perhaps some other middle eastern desert locations. Any details or references you can supply with regard to the Wadi or indeed any other desert locations you might hear of would be really helpful.

All good with Buí, B and the twins. We hit 27 weeks today and they are doing great. They are so active. Last night I felt them dancing away in B’s belly while she slept!

Take care and keep the comments coming.



11 una williams commented on 05/04/10

Hi guys,great to see you are well and having a great time.Easter monday here,had a lovely Easter weather was lovely yesterday,took ourselves off to Farmleigh house for the day,kids enjoyed it lots to do and see and took a few nice shots.The weather is crap today but will be visiting some friends for lunch in Celbridge…haa it allsounds so drab compared to the adventure you guys are on, love love love the photos keep em comin I fee lthere is a great book about to be born….. Lookin forward to viewing India when you get there,Josip says hi…and the kids too…wondering if you are getting allour comments as we have only heard back once but dont worry,keep havin fun and enjoy the great weather I’m sure even when its cold it is still not as damp as Ireland lol….Big hugs and much love Una and crew….

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