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Wet and Wild 31/10/2010

Wet and Wild  31/10/2010

Posted on: 31/10/10

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We went to Wet’n’Wild on a miserable, dull, cold Monday. We had no alternative as we had other places to be and this was the day allocated to do this splashy park, so do it we did. We had kindly been given passes by our Byron Bay friends the Gordan’s. But we had one slight problem we didn’t look anything like them and their face’s were on the pass’s and they staff were checking them on the way in so we had to stump up for our own. The cheapest way for us to do this was to get the year pass for three fun park’s as we wanted to do Seaworld down in Surfers Paradise so we stumped up the $AU300 and got on with it.

The first thing we saw in this watery world was the wave pool,which Axel of course wanted to get into. I had to go to. It was between wave sessions so we had to wait in the static pool till the next session began. We got some waves about 10 minutes later. Axel was delighted with it, I was freezing. I managed to pry him out after the session ended and move on to something else.

We walked around in search of another thrill amongst the throngs of Australian’s in their beach attire. They were all makes and size’s and there were a huge number of tattoo’s on view. Women with full sleeve’s over their hammy bingo wings, granny’s with panthers nearly as old as themselves, grandads with anchors and hearts pierced with arrows on their neck’s and one poor sap with a huge tattoo of what I think was supposed to be a pouncing lion covering most of his back, it sort of looked like a cross between a rabbit and a lion, really it was the worst tattoo I have ever seen. I was sorry I didn’t have my camera. The Australians have a real thing with tattoo’s, weird.

We found a ride called The Black Hole, Axel and me would try this one. It was like one of those twirly kid’s straws, black and on a grander scale. You had to ride on an inflatable ring like thing with handle’s to grip on to so you wouldn’t shoot off. So off we went to scale the tower up to the entrance of the black hole. When you got to the top you queued up and watched the people on front of you disappear down this black tube, all you heard were the screams. I remember thinking I am not too sure about this and then it was our turn. We sat on our ‘rubber ring ‘ with the water that propels you down the tube sloshing and splashing all over us, I can’t remember if it was cold or not, I was too scared and up went the barrier. One minute it was light and the next it was pitch black and we were hurtling down the tunnel at what felt like 60kph, When I hit the first turn it was so dark I had no idea it was coming and was thrown into a bend, practically upside down, and as we continued to gather speed we were thrown into the next bend, which went the opposite way. All the time you weren’t sure where the next turn or bend was. It was like doing a luge run in the middle of the night without any lights. Eventually we were spat out into the light and the slow up pool at the end to be greeted by a jealous Lisa who had been looking after Elka. It probably lasted no more than thirty seconds. Of course Axel immediately wanted to go again so Lisa got her turn straight away.

We went off in search of some more cold fun. We found it at the Loop which I can only describe as a 60ft hangman’s drop straight down into a massive circular tube. Lisa was debating whether to go, Axel didn’t meet the weight requirement so I headed off up the climb of doom. This climb was longer than the climb to the Black Hole so the tension was heightened by the time you got to the top. Once there you queued up and watched the other victims being locked into an upright Perspex coffin. Once all four were locked in the attendants began a countdown and one of them hit the switch that sprung the trapdoor in the bottom of the coffin and all four thrill seekers disappeared in an instant into their respective tubes only to be seen again racing down the tube into a huge loop at ludicrous speeds screaming their heads to be sent flying out the end a couple of seconds later. My heart was pounding when they locked me into the box, there was no turning back. I crossed my legs and arms as instructed and when they counted down I jumped into the air so that I would shoot out at maximum speed. I only needed to do that once in my lifetime.  When I got out at the end I could see Lisa was sold on the idea and off she went. She came back extremely exhilarated, I think she would still be climbing up to take another go if we hadn’t had to head off and find some thing’s the kid’s could do.


We went off and had lunch near an area called Pirate Bay, where the Axel could play at being a ‘Pirate’ and Elka could paddle in the little pools and climb on the frame.  After lunch we headed off to the Lazy River, this was the one attraction you could fairly safely go with Elka. It involved sitting on a rubber ring gently traveling round the course of a lazy river, Elka and Axel loved it, so did we, so much so, we went round again in the cold. We went and did one other attraction before we had enough of Wet’n’Wild’n’Cold and called it a day. This is a great place to bring children old enough to get on most of the rides but I wouldn’t recommend it for kids three and under.

We were now heading for the Glass House Mountains and Australia Zoo.




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