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Yoga 29/4/2010

Yoga 29/4/2010

Posted on: 29/04/10

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Just back from my first yoga class in India . Can you see the headland in the image attached .....cause that is where the class is. I have been looking every day at the yoga sign up on the rocks opposite the shed on stilts we are staying in . The fact that you can walk across the small beach cove and up to the perfectly located platform on the headland surrounded by coconut palms over looking the sea should make it easy to go to a class but the lathargy that comes with 45 degrees of heat knocks all “good thoughts” into “couldn’t be bothered thoughts” .



Today, I made myself go to the 8 am class and I am only sorry I did not go on day one . The views of the sea and the coast line are breathtaking fromup here and worth the effort of setting the alarm .

Raja starts the class with relaxtion and we have to listen to the birds in the trees and the sound of the sea washing up on the beaches below all under the swaying coconut palms .

We start to do the stretching and as we move further into the class the poses get more adventures and I curses myself for having lashed on lots of sun cream before I left the hut . My hands keep sliping and the grace and poise I try so hard to exude is failing me rapidly !

Sweaty , rejuvinated and ready for breakfast I head back to the three snoozers in the shed and make a promise to myself to do it all again tomorrow .


Neptune Point Classes southern end of Paloem beach , Goa


Contact Raja


Class Times


7-8 am , 8- 9 am , 10- 11am ,

16.30 – 17.30 pm


Teacher training course available but book in advance







1 lisa commented on 20/05/10

Rob , I should have done it every day . Better to sweat in a in yoga room in Gent then some cold school room in Dublin .


2 lisa commented on 20/05/10

Hey Sinead , How is the sofa ...hope it turned out ok !


3 lisa commented on 20/05/10

I have had many of those days Kelly and know exactly what they are like ! Glad you are keeping up and you never know we may even get a chance to hook up in the states . Fancy meeting us in South America around new years ? You could escape the laundry for a week or so !


4 Rob Miller commented on 20/05/10

The location & yoga sounds amazing - I am jealous. Not the same as Yoga in a hot room in Gent.

keep well, Rob,C & O


5 kelly Forde commented on 16/05/10

I just did 2 loads of laundry, made the beds, washed the brekkie dishes, cleaned up the vomit from our Sé who has the tummy bug…
Ww are going across the bay to look at a tour of backyard chicken coops on bicycle.
Wow, yoga in India sounds a whole lot more attractive!!!
Still following your travels with envy!!!!
From the California Fordies.
Kelly, Conor, Emmet, Zita and Sé


6 Sinead commented on 16/05/10

Hi Guys, sitting in my bed of a lazy Sunday afternoon, just taking some time out as the boys are watching grand prix downstairs. Came across your link and your wonderful blog so been catching up on your adventures!  It all looks fantastic, hi to Axle and Elka. Stay safe xx

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