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VISITING FROM: 28/07/10 — 19/08/10

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First introductions are made in Bangkok, a modern behemoth of screaming traffic, gleaming shopping centres and international sensibilities interwoven with devout Buddhism. Chiang Mai, the country's bohemian centre, is where the unique and precise elements of Thai culture become a classroom, for cooking courses and language lessons; while climbing into the mountain ranges around Mae Hong Son you'll find stupa-studded peaks and villages of post-Stone Age cultures. Sliding down the coastal tail are the evergreen limestone islands of Ko Tao and Kho Phi Phi Don, filled with tall palms angling over pearlescent sand. Thailand's beaches are stunning, hedonistic and mythic among residents of northern latitudes.

People come here as miners: first perhaps for the uniquely Western concept of R&R. And while they toast themselves to a bronze hue on the sandy beaches, they find in the daily rhythm of Thailand a tranquillity that isn't confined to vacation time. The northeast is a region better suited for homestays and teaching gigs than quick souvenir snapshots: here, you can dive deep into the Thai psyche, emerging with a tolerance for searingly spicy food and a mastery of this strange tonal language. Welcome to a life-altering experience disguised as a holiday.



1 Una Williams commented on 15/06/10

Hi guys,the thing I love most about your photos is that they are pure and raw, no photo shop here lol, as much as I love photo shop myself,its a real gift to be able to capture the world as you guys have and very enjoyable to see. China sounds great and looks great too.Things are good here we got a bit of sun at last,went to the beach today no Lobsters or Clams though lol, kids had a ball,Josip is in Croatia at the mo but says hi to you all. I’m busy with my photos also and enjoying every min of it.,you can view them on my FB page sometime. Well you guys look well and happy,its like you have fallen in love all over again,how amazing is that..lol Its great to popin here every so often,its a captivating site keep up the great work and will be in touch again soon,big hugs, love Una xxx

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