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Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo, Syria

VISITING FROM: 25/02/10 — 28/02/10

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While Damascus was always the ‘holy’ city, the seat of rulers and wary of foreigners, Aleppo (or Halab as it is known), Syria’s second city, has been one of commerce since Roman times. While both cities claim the title of ‘oldest continually inhabited city in the world’, it’s in Aleppo that the legacy of history feels more immediate.

Aleppo today retains that air of an Arabian bazaar city, with people going about business as they have done for centuries. The streets speak a rhythm of sounds – from horse-drawn carts over cobblestones to the more frenetic pace of donkey-riding couriers, still the fastest way through the atmospheric, labyrinthine souq that's fragrant with olive soap, exotic spices, roasting coffee and succulent grilled shwarma.

While Aleppo may not bustle as it did when it was a key stop on the Silk Road, the relative lack of big investment has actually done the city a favour. The World Heritage–listed Old City was saved from irreparable damage by not succumbing to modernisation. Today it is without doubt a fragile treasure, but a new breed of local investors and entrepreneurs have been wisely spending money to immaculately restore some old city treasures. A plan is in place to restore all of the historic buildings in the Old City – still a thriving centre with more than 100, 000 residents. This new wave of preservation has brought boutique hotels and restaurants and has not only saved some classic buildings, but has also given the visitor a real feel for the city as it once was.



1 darren, amy, aoibhe commented on 20/03/10

Hi Axel we were looking at your pictures.  Hope you are having a great time.  The countries look amazing.  We miss you the army man on the road. 

Do you have skype. Darren has skype at his house now. If you do we could skype some time.

We are playing football, rugby and our bikes and scooters and skake boards. Karl Murphy fot a new dog called Molly.  It is a labrador and it’s black.  It is 11 weeks old now.  Darren spotted smoke coming from the Ryan’s car.  He ran and got Joe the Dad.  The electrics in the back door panel was where the smoke came from.  The tow truck came and took it away.  Everyone was safe and they now have a newer car.  It is warm and sunny playing out now.  Darren is writing a war story. He reads every night Michael Morpugo is his favourite author now.

Have a great time on your adventure.  Enjoy your trip. We will keep in contact with you.



2 sharon commented on 16/03/10

Hey guys!  You look like you’re having an amazing time!  You lucky ducks..nothing special to report…stay cool xx

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